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Cutler Hammer D50 Plc Programming Software

Cutler Hammer D50 Plc Programming Software =====

Cutler Hammer D50 Plc Programming Software

15 Chapter 1: Introduction 3 Self Diagnostics When placed in the un mode, the D50 PLC performs startup self-diagnostics and error-checking on the processor, control program, and I/O system. Error status information is stored internally, providing for quick and easy troubleshooting of system and programming errors. Large Program Memory Sufficient program capacity is furnished for even the most demanding applications. Internal program memory handles up to 2048 separate control steps. Integrated 700mA Power Supply The AC-powered D50 PLC controller provides up to 700mA of 24VDC output power. This can eliminate the need for an additional power supply for standard 24VDC control power requirements. Battery-Free Program Backup An EEPOM is used to provide battery-free permanent program and data storage. I/O Module Support The D50 PLC I/O expansion module line includes complete coverage of all major standard I/O requirements. Digital inputs can be of 24 VDC or 115 VAC type, while digital outputs can be 24 VDC transistor, 115VAC SS, or relay type. Analog support is available for voltage and current A/D and D/A. Peripheral Support The D50 PLC has two program loader software packages available for use on standard PCs: the DOSbased GPC5, and the Windows-based WinGPC. These packages provide advanced programming, monitoring, editing, and troubleshooting for the D50 PLC. A dedicated hand-held programmer is also available for harsh environments. Cutler-Hammer also offers a complete line of Operator Interface products and HMI software packages compatible with the D50 PLC. Note: When this manual uses the term GPC, either GPC5 or WinGPC can be used.

43 Chapter 5: CPU Operation and Memory GPC Graphic Programming Console. Cutler-Hammer offers two program loader software packages for programming, monitoring, and configuring the D50 PLC. The DOS-based package is GPC5, the Windows -based package is WinGPC. In this manual, GPC is used to refer to either of these programs. Overview of CPU Operation Mode What Is the CPU Operation Mode The CPU has an external UN/STOP switch. The PLC performs a system check that determines the position of the switch. The switch position determines which operating mode the PLC is in. It can be in un, Stop, or Error mode. un Mode (operating) The D50 PLC reads the external input signals and executes the user program stored in AM. The external outputs are updated every scan according to program results. When the switch is in un Mode, the user can also use the GPC program loader software to switch between the UN and STOP states. Stop Mode The user program is stopped and the external outputs are turned Off. In the Stop mode, you can correct, delete, and transfer the program. Error Mode The Error mode occurs when the D50 PLC finds an error after running the self-diagnostics. When an error occurs, the CPU stops program operation and turns off all external outputs. When the Error mode occurs, do one of the following: Check the error code and take appropriate measures, then change power from Off to On. Switch the mode switch back to the STOP position. When the switch is returned to UN the program and data are re-initialized (excluding the retentive data). 1e1e36bf2d


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