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Ryan's Fight

Stacy Ograyensek's husband, Ryan, of 13 years ( together 25 years - over half her life ) was murdered at age 41 when given Remdesivir against their wishes at Beaumont hospital in Michigan. This caused almost immediate renal failure leading to her husband being placed on a ventilator just a week later (also against his wishes by a doctor who told him “I will vent you with or without your consent.")


Nurses told Stacy “Our protocols are literally letting patients die." Two separate doctors told Stacy they would give her husband ivermectin and that they believed it would help, but said their hands were tied due to the politics within the healthcare system and that they had to think of their livelihood and paycheck first.


The hospital administrator used intimidation tactics with a police officer and made a blackmail attempt to silence Stacy from discussing the hospital's protocols publicly.

Sadly, Ryan's life was cut short at just 41-years old because of the hospital's protocol and the failure to grant Ryan and his wife, Stacy, the right to try.  Please consider donating to Stacy's fight and help her find an attorney willing to fight for Ryan and every other human being who didn't have to have their lives taken away due to the protocols they know are not working.

Contact Stacy:

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