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How To Install Rover T4 Software

The T4 software takes control of the Dell, as I have the T4+RDS 5.06 software I want to install this on another laptop running ... find him somewhere on either on the forums in the R75 / ZT section or on Rover ...

How To Install Rover T4 Software

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The T4 software takes control of the Dell, BUT as I have the T4+RDS 5.06 ... of the Dell, BUT as I have the T4+RDS 5.06 software I want to install this on another ... N400c and will be making that one dual boot so I can run Landrover RDS 6 or ...

Features Buy Install SupportEspañol Francais ... Designed to give dealer level access (approaching that of T4) for supported vehicles. Classic Piano Collection Native Instruments TorrentOwn a Rover, MG, Series One Elise or K series Caterham? ... Only the very last Rover, MG and Landrover diesel engines are OBD2 compliant and most will not work with OBD2 tools.. Lastly ...

I have a 2003 Land Rover Discovery 2 Td5.. Dan Gingell and Rachel Gingell ... Nov 05, 2011 Testbook,T4, Autologic , Nanocom,Hawkeye etc You will find your TD5 ... a site exists just for remapping TD5 ECU's the software has been developed by a fello in ... Installing and testing out the Stage 2 Remap from Storm Tuning!!

You are bidding on a Rover T4 Testbook diagnostic system.. I put this together to do diagnostic and coding work on my MG ZT190 a few years back.. It cost me ... In theory, all you need to add is a laptop to run the software running Win 98 or XP.

Land rover Diagnostics hawkeye diagnostic tool for land rovers icarsoft land rover land rover ... 2 diagnostic tools lynx diagnostic software download icarsoft land rover.. ... Please make sure you have the latest level of SDD software installed before ... land rover diagnostic software free download land rover diagnostic tool t4 ...

The use of third party Firewalls and Anti-Virus software will cause the installation and functionality of SDD to be affected and may result in SDD not installing correctly. Refer to Administration Bulletin; JAB00034 & LAB00038 for further information. For US/Canada refer to: SDD Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide on TOPIx under: Documents > Diagnostics > IDS / SDD.

Here at British Autoworks, we use only the best equipment to perform a Jaguar Land Rover software update. Each diagnostic tool shown above allows us to reconfigure, reprogram, code, flash and update 99% of all control units for Jaguars and Land Rovers. Majority of the Jaguars and Land Rovers produced before 1996 do not need any software updates, even when control unit replacement is needed. The few control units needed programming relate to the security systems and need factory equipment to delivery the software. The good news we have this equipment & software combined with the knowledge and experience.

The factory diagnostic equipment for Land Rover starts with the T4 made by Omnitec. This equipment is still available but in extremely limited quantities. Since Omnitec has stopped producing tools for Land Rover in 2005, all the cables and special connectors have gone up in price. However, this has not stopped us at British Autoworks. We have T4, the equipment and software, to go all the way back the 1987.

These next two tools are the latest and greatest in Jaguar and Land Rover diagnostics. SDD & Autologic can do almost everything and each have pros and cons. This is why we stepped and invested in both. Each provide access to factory software updates and programming of ALL control units 2005 and newer. Yes, ALL. From programming air suspension control units, to the body control units or interior fuse box of the Range Rover Sport, we have you covered. Access to this software insures the most accurate diagnosis for any repair. When new software is produced by Jaguar Land Rover, these tools automatically update and download for our use. Vehicles sold today can come into British Autoworks for any personalization setting changes.

Did you know your Jaguar or Land Rover also has personalization settings? Starting in 2003 with the Range Rover, you can adjust the door lock setting, exterior lamp settings and exterior mirror settings. On vehicles 2005 and newer, you can even update the vehicle configuration files. For example, you may have a problem with a rear view camera. We can setup the configuration so the vehicle does not think a rear camera is installed. This can also be helpful with bluetooth telephone hardware & software problems, especially on the 2006 to 2009 Range Rover.

More advance updates to the Air Suspension are also an option. We can raise and lower your Range Rover with a tape measure and software. How cool is that! Thinking about off-roading your Range Rover this weekend? Raise the suspension and install your off road wheel and tires. How about a night on the town? We can lower your Range Rover for your ideal look with the latest 22 inch wheel and low profile tire.

Please note that Jaguar Land Rover are making changes to how we deliver Single Point Authoring (SPA) to Jaguar Land Rover Approved Diagnostic Equipment. SPA files do not need to be manually downloaded from the Diagnostic Delivery Server. SPA files will now be automatically requested and downloaded as they are required.Update installation file

The JLR VCI is simple and easy to use. Drivers are available to install with JLR SDD DVD 142. Connect the J2534 device to the vehicle OBDII connector (the device powers from the vehicle). Connect the 2m USB cable to the JLR VCI and the other end to the SDD Laptop. The (PWR) LED will turn solid red to show the JLR VCI is powered. During communication with the vehicle the Status (STS) LED will flash green.

You make a log of whatever is giving you trouble, then save it in the tester. You carry the tester into the office, plug it into your PC and use Autologic host software to send the log to tech support. In some cases your report to Autologic will result in a software update. Other times you'll get a phone call or email explaining what's happening.

Refunds on software purchases will not be granted if the software has been activate online using the license key. Please understand that once software has been activated online, RSW Solutions must assume that the software has been used on a customer's vehicle and therefore would not be eligible for a refund.Thank You

Please be aware that RSW Solutions is the only legal manufacturer and reseller of RSWsolutions tools. There may be cases where counterfeit goods are sold using copyrights and trademarks which infringe on RSWsolutions intellectual property rights.Their use, installation or incorporation into other devices, equipment, systems or applications may cause accidents, breakdowns or malfunctions.Counterfeit Goods are not covered under warranty by RSW Solutions. RSW Solutions expressly disclaims any warranties related to Counterfeit Goods, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. RSW Solutions shall not be liable for any damages or losses arising out of or related to Counterfeit Goods, including without limitation incidental, consequential, special, direct or indirect damages, loss of profit, loss of data, loss of business, injury, or death, or any associated claims, demands, liabilities, penalties, obligations, causes of action, suits or proceedings, whether or not RSW Solutions had been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Mr. WilsonI purchased my first rover this august a 2004 westminster with 44000 miles. I have a third party warranty that has been nothing but a headache and fraud. I had my first EAS fault and the dealer charged me $120 to clear the fault. Living in Michigan the weather is not friendly on a car with such sensitive electronics and your product worked literally within 5 minutes, cleared my codes and reset my suspension. My code fault was ecu memory and can bus and the more I read up on this diagnostic I realized that this is more of an annoying issue that is very common in the rovers and just needs a reset. If I was a used Range Rover dealer I would give my customer your device. Fast shipping, high quality product and it WORKS!!! Range Rover Owners this device is as important as your key! Thank YouImran

T4 Mobile Plus is a truly protable diagnostic tool, designed to compliment and expand the functionality and versatility of the T4 Diagnostic System at a very competitive price. With its intelligent Connnection System(ICS), the tool supports all J1962 supported MG Rover vehicles at the push of a buttom--gone are the days of swappiring diagnostic cables! Uitlizing the latest PC technology; T4 Mobile Plus has been designed with portability and ease of use foremost. T4 Mobile Plus has been specifically optimised for use as a " Road Test" tool using standard T4 diagnostic software. T4 Mobile Plus has been designed as a fully expandable diagnostic tool. Which will support full integration with the expending T4 Product Platform. Benefits* Portalility for road testing( subject to taking necessary precautions. T4 mobile+ should only be controlled by a passengre for road testing)* Use as a moble diagnotic and" Road Test" tool* Cable switching at the press of a buttom offering reduced service times and costs* Competitively priced * Fully compatible with T4 Product Platform- will integrate with T4 EAM, T4 Whell Alignment, RAVE, etc* Utilizeds current standard diagnostic software(DJR, DRM, DRM)* Supports all 96MY onwards J1962 diagnostic* User configurable printer support; Supports all Windows XP listed printers* Includes 12 months full Technical Support and Maintenance Program* The ICS will support new vehicles via simple user controlled software updates* Comprehesive accessoris available to tailor the product to your specific needsIntelligent Connector System* EOBD/OBD2 Vehicle interface compatibility* ISO9141* CAN* J1850 PWM/VPW* T4 protocol hanling for legacy support to the following cables: DTC0061DTC0062DTC0063DTC0064DTC0065DTC0064 + DTC0057 adaptor*Full J2534 host and interface compatibility*USB version 1.1 host communication* Operates from Vehicle supply-range 8-16 Volt* User configurable to support future communication protocols


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