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If I review the patron list and the advisory board tasks, it looks to me that this board is primarily to gather the non-technical perspectives of downstream stakeholders (vendor, user and customer expectations, non-technical developments, synergies and such), so the non-technical stakeholder perspectives that potentially remain hidden to developers (and vice versa). But the information I have is admittedly very abstract and I have not yet worked with the KDE organization. Are you sure that this is a board with a focus in which the Fedora KDE SIG fits?

Patron Ev

The patronage indicates the opposite: we do not have a connections to KDE but want a connection to the maintainers and developers. So, if @ngompa would take the seat in the advisory board, it would enable him to get contact to @siosm - but @siosm is already part of Fedora himself. Imho, the information about the patronage is very clear about that.

Another important point: there are lots of great projects that are linked with Fedora. Why to donate money to KDE but not all the others? I think we should in this respect also stay neutral against the upstream. Everything else would be unfair to some (or cost a lot of money). Although I would be very happy if Red Hat would engage with KDE patronage.

I prefer KDE myself and would like to see Red Hat becoming a patron and to further foster KDE, and I would support any means to encourage Red Hat to do so. But not to replace Red Hat, or another potential patron, I mean there are others, too.

The German Parking Association (Bundesverband Parken e.V.) represents the whole of the parking industry in Germany. As the patron and partner of the PARKEN, the Association uses the intensive exchange with its members as a basis for the concept of the flanking conference and supporting program.

Saint Felix had no trouble asking for money, and he was just as popular with the rich as he was the poor because he helped change lives for the better for both rich and poor. While not the official patron saint of fundraisers, it sure feels like he should be.

On November 20, the Atlantik-Brücke celebrated the transatlantic partnership with an Atlantik Ball. In her speech, Federal Minister of Defense Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, patron of the ball, reminded the guests of the Paris attacks of the previous Friday. She emphasized that the West will not let anyone take away its culture, its values and its way of life . Admiral Mark Ferguson, Commander of the U.S. Naval Forces Europe, the U.S. Naval Forces Africa and the Allied Joint Force Command Naples highlighted the unique and close bond between Germany and the United States. The 500 guests of the ball danced the night away to live music by the Glenn Miller Orchestra and tunes by DJ Noah Becker.

In the centuries since classic Greek gods first ruled the spirit of nature and the soul of man, the nine Muses have represented man's desire to express himself in the fine arts--in sculpture, in song, in paintings, and in poetry and prose. Each muse eventually became the patron goddess, the symbol, of one phase of the arts, and from her home on the rocky heights of Parnassus would look down occasionally to touch some youth with a god-like spirit, an ability to communicate to his fellow man through marble or clay, the lute or written word. 041b061a72


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