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Skachat Android Launchery

You can create a package for android using the python-for-android project. This page explains howto download and use it directly on your own machine (seePackaging your application into APK or AAB) oruse the Buildozer tool to automate the entire process. You can also seePackaging your application for the Kivy Launcher to run kivyprograms without compiling them.

skachat android launchery


Buildozer is a tool that automates the entire build process. Itdownloads and sets up all the prerequisites for python-for-android,including the android SDK and NDK, then builds an apk that can beautomatically pushed to the device.

This creates a buildozer.spec file controlling your buildconfiguration. You should edit it appropriately with your app nameetc. You can set variables to control most or all of the parameterspassed to python-for-android.

To do this, you must run Buildozer with the release parameter(e.g. buildozer android release), or if usingpython-for-android use the --release option to Thiscreates a release AAB in the bin directory, which you mustproperly sign and zipalign.The procedure for doing this is described in the Android documentationat -signing.html#signing-manually -all the necessary tools come with the Android SDK.

Launchers are best known for extending the power and functionality of android homescreens. Just about every android enthusiasts uses one and you can find my favorites in my post of 55 must-have android apps. 041b061a72


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