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Not only is clover a leguminous plant, meaning that it can fix nitrogen from the air and release it slowly to the other plants in your lawn, it also stays green longer and needs less water than conventional grasses. Whether you are establishing a new lawn or maintaining an old one, there are great reasons to add clover to your mix.

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Once planted, water your clover seed every day for two weeks. This will give the seeds adequate moisture for sprouting and help them get a good start in their new location. Be sure to keep deer and other clover-eating animals off the lawn.

Mix your clover seed with sand, sawdust, or fine soil to make spreading easier. Use a broadcast spreader (if you can find one that accommodates clover) for large areas to ensure even distribution. Do not fertilize. Follow with grass seed if using.

Adding clover to your existing lawn or planting a new lawn with clover in the mix will help reduce the impacts of your little patch of green. With fewer requirements and care, and more time for enjoyment, a clover lawn is a natural choice for your overall sustainability solution.

Finding a four-leaf clover is considered good luck. Surely it must be, because on average there is only one of them for every 10,000 clovers with three leaves. But even if you never find a four-leaf specimen, just having clover growing in your lawn will keep it greener longer with minimum care, which we consider to be extremely good luck.

I live in Wyoming and wondering when to spread clover seed over my lawn. We still have snow on the ground but wanted to do it while ground is still wet because once snow melts and dries up, the ground is like concrete.

Yes, the pre emergent herbicide will prevent the clover seed from germinating. It would be best to seed the clover first and then deal with any crabgrass that appears, unless crabgrass is a big issue in your lawn, in which case you should deal with the crabgrass first and then wait to seed clover in the fall.

I love all these inspiring clover stories! I am gearing up to plant clover in my back yard. Not much grows back there because there is a lot of clay and bedrock in the soil. There are small patches of grass, but not much else. My questions is: do I need to till my yard before planting clover, or should I focus on areas where nothing is growing and plant the clover there?Thank you for your insight!

Hi Anna, You can plant cover in a new area or seed over bare patches. The advice is to rake or till just the top layer of soil to loosen the substrate and then water the area to encourage any remaining weeds to sprout. A day or two before planting your lawn, remove any newly sprouted weeds and rake to a smooth, even texture. Mix your clover seed with sand, sawdust, or fine soil to make spreading easier.

Hi there! I recently seeded clover in a roughly 6x6ft patch in my yard. Unfortunately I used way too much seed. I saw elsewhere that someone had done thisaccidentally as well, and the crowding caused their clover to grow very tall. How can I keep that from happening? Should I rake out some of the sprouts? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks!

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You can make a full switch to clover, or you can plant clover seeds along with grasses. Overseeding your existing lawn with clover is a great option that will retain your turfgrass look while giving you the benefits of clover.

CLOVER has really bad services . they just waste your time . I told the sales I will doing health business which is I need accept HSA or FSA. the sales tell me no worries , they will set up .but when I purchase the hardware and call the customer services to set up HSA , NO ONE know what is HSA . I calling 5 times and no one know that . Finally I want to cancel the services . They start to transfer you to higher services department . Some one said I know but you have to apply by some website which is third party . I decided to cancel the order and use the other company they only spend me 10 mins to set up everything and I can use same day. And then when I want to return the hardware back to clover , I keep calling 2 months ,no kidding until today no one give me return label . they always said I will call manger and give you call back . no one call me , even no one give me a email to update . 2 months 10 calls and still no return label

Clover as a company is a joke. Do not do business with them. Their support team have no idea what they doing when it comes with tech issues with the systems. I spend 3 hour today on the phone with them and nothing has been resolved. This is the whole story and why I do not recommend using Clover as your merchant system for your business. I had a dispute and charge back from my bank for my business which I used clover to accepted the credit card. The credit card company ruled in favor of the customer because they customer said he been fraud and they not the one who used the card. After providing customer ID address and other information to credit card company still ruled in favor of the customer. So I called Clover and ask them going forward what can I do to prevent this from happening again. They told me to use the phone app and that allow me to enter customer address and zip code for a extra layer of protection against fraud. So I test this app they told me and as a test I enter they address and zip wrong for testing but they app still accepted the card and payment went through. So I called their tech support and ask them why this happened but they have no answer for it so they transfer me to fraud department and this lady straight out said there is nothing they can do or I can do to protect my self or business from fraud. She said this is not Clover fault or duty to help they merchant to prevent fraud. What a shocking answer from a multi million dollar company. Is not their responsibility to help merchant that they are charging thousands of dollar every month for credit card transaction fee and system fee. I can not believe that is the type of answer they will give to their merchant. My Advise to new merchant please take your business elsewhere this is not the type of company you want to deal with. 0 for support rating and 0 for responsibility as a company.

Get 20 to 30 phone calls a week from the clover people, told them Over 100 times not to call me anymore and they continue to call. When they call they ask for somebody else and other businesses that are not associated with my businesses. Talked to supervisors and still the calls keep coming in.

Ran a transaction that was over $4000, and the security team sent me an email to verify the transaction, no big deal alright, but sent over the invoice and customer info to contact them did they contact the customer to confirm the sale, NO, did they contact me for any further information,NO, did i leave them a number of voicemails and emails, Yes i did, and still they kept the money for whatever reason without any call back or email what so ever and canceled my account, and this was only the second transaction, and still dont know what is going on with the money because clover cant even get a hold of their own security people, wow thats awesome, I told clover that if you cant get a hold of them how would I be able to, you guys have a really flawed system over there, I will be sure to let the BBB know what is going on and will never get any business from me of any kind, if im at a coffee shop and see they have clover, Ill pay cash

For additional details, visit Here, you can also read more about Soren Hottensmith, an Ohio 4-H member who was able to attend Camp Canopy with the help of the funds raised through paper clover donations. 041b061a72


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