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UPDATED Download Orca Msi Editor For Windows 7 20

Thissetting is optional and if not specified, the DNS records are queried on theServices Domain which is obtained from the SERVICES_DOMAIN, email address input by the user, orcached user configuration.

download orca msi editor for windows 7 20

When the WLA is downloaded from STA it bundles a *.agent file containing JSON formatted configuration. By default the agent file will contain the primary and secondary authentication service URL as well as the client secret. With a little bit of skill and luck however the agent configuration in said file can be expanded on to apply additional settings.

lessmsi is really the best choice here, as it offers you to choose exactly what files to extract and where they should go. In addition it can be easily installed using the apt-get framework for windows, called Choclatey. The above lessmsi website has moved and it can also be found/downloaded at GitHub. In addition you can find many other tools and MSI related information HERE. :(Sorry, I can't post more than 2 links!)

It still appears you have to download the MSI SDK to obtain Orca. If you don't have access to Orca and can't be bothered downloading the SDK, any viewer capable of reading a MSSQL database file (com stuctured storage file), should be able to open the MSI file and view the contents. Make a copy of the MSI before opening it in a viewer and open the copy. Just to be sure. Once open you navigate to the Property table and look for the product GUID.


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