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Nounos Yogurt Where To Buy

Nounos' Vanilla Bean Yogurt, one of their fan favorites, is made with real vanilla beans for a velvety, creamy finish and is packed with 14 grams of protein. This handcrafted Greek strained yogurt is silky soft, palate-friendly, and a tremendously energizing snack at any time of the day.

nounos yogurt where to buy

Steven Ioannou and his Nounó (God Father), John Belesis, began experimenting with a yogurt recipe a little less than five years ago. Having spent their summers and college years in the Mediterranean, these Greek-Americans were dissatisfied with the "Greek-style" yogurts available in the States.

In January 2017, New York State certified the bag-strained yogurt to be sold outside of the region, and now yogurt lovers from California to Texas, Illinois to West Virginia, and beyond can enjoy the taste of real Greek yogurt. 041b061a72


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