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When viewing in full screen, videos automatically pause after a set amount of time. Your browser can be set to remember the last seen size when you are in full screen mode. If you don’t want this behavior, you can turn it off in the “Options”, “Preferences” options.

Yes, you can. The videos quality will be the same as everything else you do on your PC (so an external GPU probably won’t help). The visual quality and bit rate of video content is determined by the device you’re streaming from. In theory a 1080p screen should upscale the videos to 4K. If your device’s screen is only 720p, the videos will be a bit below full quality 1080p (around 375-450p, and may be rendered very poorly. If you’re streaming a 4K video content from camera format, you’ll notice the edges are fuzzy and there are visible zooming artifacts. USB/Thunderbolt connections will not convert down to low quality.

You can select desired gallery page navigation including next, previous and random. You can also change all view options of displayed photos from grid to carousel view or from small to medium or large thumbnail.

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