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Calculus By Howard Anton 6th Edition Solution

28. sturmliouville problems; ordinary differential equations; sturmliouville system. sturmliouville theory; isospectral sturmliouville problems; sturmliouville problem with dirichlet, neumann and mixed boundary conditions. boundary conditions in sturmliouville problems. the eigenvalue problems: homogeneous, non-homogeneous, isotropic, anisotropic. the anharmonic oscillator; normal coordinates; the mathieu equation; oscillation modes. the general solution; discrete spectrum; continuous spectrum. the linear vibrational problem.

calculus by howard anton 6th edition solution

we give an overview of functional analysis and introduce its main concepts. we introduce the hilbert space of complex-valued functions on the circle and the euclidean space. we continue by stating the theorems of the fourier decomposition and the fourier series. we continue with elementary basics of integration theory, namely the riemann integral and the newton-leibniz rule for integration.

we will continue with the derivation of the derivatives of the trigonometric functions using the formal definition of the derivative and through the use of derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions. we will introduce the integration by parts formula and demonstrate how one can derive formulas to integrate rational functions of polynomials.

we continue by giving the three basic limits. we will first compute limits of the type of a-b and a-c as a function of b-c. we introduce the principle of the dominated convergence theorem and derive the limit as x approaches a. we will also look at the fundamental theorem of calculus and finally we look at a proof of the intermediate value theorem.


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