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40 Something Karly

When growing up, I knew I wanted to do something that involves interacting with people and my passion for numbers. I enjoy helping people by learning what motivates them. I quickly found accounting was the perfect blend of my love for numbers and people."

40 something karly

Name something local that helped to shape your creativity as a kid: Growing up, I was fascinated with Bay Crafters (BAYarts). In the early 90s, they used to hold an annual Renaissance Faire where they transformed the fields and woods at the Cleveland Metroparks Huntington Reservation to look like a magical, medieval world. It was so exciting!

Learn more about Karly and The Scholarly Banana graphic novel series here, and for behind-the-scenes art pics, check out her Instagram @thekarlywest. Also, stay tuned for more #CLEative Groove profiles! You can also follow @CLEativeGroove on Instagram here, or send suggestions for people to profile here.

Simon appeared as herself in the films Perfect (1985)[230] and Little Black Book (2004).[183] On television, she appeared as herself in a 1989 episode of thirtysomething, titled "Success".[274] In 1995, she made a voice cameo on season two episode of Frasier, titled "Roz in the Doghouse", as a caller named Marie.[275] In 2013, she appeared as herself in the Family Guy episode "Total Recall".[276]

Tori Amos cited Simon as an influence, and often covers "Boys in the Trees" in concert. "I used to listen to this song over and over, wishing I'd wrote it," Amos once said of the track.[270] At the 2012 ASCAP awards, where Simon received the Founders Award, Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines stated: "I grew up listening to Carly Simon, she was a huge influence on me." Maines then performed "That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be",[279] which she said was one of her favorite Carly Simon songs. In a 2021 Rolling Stone essay, Clairo said of Simon "Every time I listen to her, I feel like she's talking to me directly or saying something that took a lot of courage to build up to say." She continued "There's nothing you could add or take away from her legacy, because she's always been truthful," concluding with "the fact that she was always so upfront about everything that wasn't perfect, I think, is what makes her the most important to me."[280]

Monday morning the women dropped me off in Bed-Stuy. I kissed and hugged Dena and Alli. Then I squeezed Karly with something extra in my hug, gratitude. She threw in a few extra seconds of tongue just to leave me with a lingering taste of my triumph over the mountain.

Skate skiing is definitely my favorite type of Nordic skiing. There is something about skating along freshly groomed tracks on a beautiful day that almost feels like flying. I love being able to get my heart pumping climbing up big hills, and then being soaring back down the trail through snowy twisting trails. 041b061a72


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