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Torchlight 2 Item Codes PORTABLE


Torchlight 2 Item Codes: How to Cheat Your Way to Victory

Torchlight 2 is a fun and addictive action role-playing game that lets you explore a vast world full of monsters, loot, and secrets. But sometimes, you might want to spice things up a bit and try out some cheats that can give you an edge in combat, or just let you experiment with different items and abilities.

Fortunately, Torchlight 2 has a built-in cheat console that you can access by editing a simple text file. In this article, we'll show you how to enable the console, and give you a list of some of the most useful item codes that you can use to spawn any item in the game.

How to Enable the Cheat Console in Torchlight 2

Before you can use any item codes, you need to enable the cheat console in Torchlight 2. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to C:/Users/YourUserName/Documents/My Games/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/save (or C:/users/yourusername/My games/runic games/torchlight 2/save if you're using Windows 10).

Open the settings.txt file with a text editor (such as Notepad).

Change "console :0" to "console :1" and save the file.

Start Torchlight 2 and press the Insert key on your keyboard to open the console.

Now you can type any cheat code in the console and press Enter to activate it. Note that using cheats will disable achievements and online play for your current character.

Torchlight 2 Item Codes: How to Spawn Items

To spawn items in Torchlight 2, you need to use the following syntax:

Item Index#,count

This will give you the item with the specified index number and quantity. For example, if you type Item 5,10, you will get 10 pieces of Ember Shard.

To find out the index number of any item in the game, you can use the following commands:

Weapon: Lists all the weapons in the game. You can also specify a weapon type, such as Axe, Rifle, or Sword.

Belt: Lists all the belts in the game.

Boots: Lists all the boots in the game.

Chest Armor: Lists all the chest armor in the game.

Fish: Lists all the fish in the game.

Gloves: Lists all the gloves in the game.

Helmet: Lists all the helmets in the game.

Potion: Lists all the potions in the game.

Scroll: Lists all the scrolls in the game.

Shoulder Armor: Lists all the shoulder armor in the game.

Socketable: Lists all the gems in the game.

Spell: Lists all the spells in the game.

Trinket: Lists all the trinkets in the game. You can also specify a trinket type, such as Necklace, Pet Collar, or Ring.

You can also use some special item codes that are not listed by these commands. For example, you can use ZZZ_SWORD_MC_DIAMOND to get a diamond Minecraft sword, or Boss to spawn a random boss monster.

Torchlight 2 Item Codes: Some Examples

To give you an idea of what items you can spawn with item codes, here are some examples of some of the most powerful and unique items in Torchlight 2:

The Eye of Grell: This is a legendary pistol that shoots explosive eyeballs a474f39169


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