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Bioshock 1 Save Editor: The Ultimate Tool for Achievements, Collectibles, and Upgrades

i think that there will always be great games on the nes, just like i think there will always be great games on the wii. for me, it really comes down to what kind of game i want to play. i use to play a ton of mp3 players, but now i play games on the wii. ive played a lot of games on the wii.

Bioshock 1 Save Editor

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people never thought for a second that mortal kombat would become such a big pop culture sensation, but it happened, and it was amazing. there was one game that i still kind of regret not getting a chance to play as a kid: wwf attacking hitler. im surprised that he didnt have a sequel. maybe thats a bit harsh, but it was one of the only games i know of that is set in ww2.

in x:documents and settings[username]application databioshock (xp) or x:users[username]appdataroamingbioshock (vista), open the file named user.ini -- you need to enable viewing of hidden files and folders. search for the section called [default] and find the unbound key that you want to use and bind it to the command exec upgrades.txt (f7=exec upgrades.txt).

make sure the e:/games directory is included on the add-ins prefpane list. bioshock 2 requires the bioshock 2 pre-loader add-in. you will also need to ensure that the bioshock assets (bioshock 1, bioshock 2, enemy territory, and system shock) are installed on your hard disk. it may take a while to load these games, depending on how fast your computer is.

bioshock is one of the best examples of a game that artfully combines multiple genres. the bioshock games contain aspects of survival and role-playing games, both genres that other games in the series do not. these games also have an action shooter experience. you can use the control stick to aim guns in the games first-person shooter mode. you can use a button to fire the character


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