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Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy

File: ... BEST

docker build needs read access to every file in the context directory tree. To avoid permission issues, add all your mounted directories to .dockerignore file except those required for the build. For example, for this docker-compose file:

File: ...

contains the type definitions of the input and output arguments of the functions as well as some C preprocessor macro definitions for constants.This header file must be used both by the FMU and by the importer.[Example of a definition in this header file:

contains typedef definitions of all function prototypes of an FMU as well as enumerations for constants.This header file includes fmi3PlatformTypes.h.When dynamically loading an FMU, these definitions can be used to type-cast the function pointers to the respective function definition.For simplicity, the function type for each function is composed of the function name itself with the suffix TYPE.[Example of a definition in this header file: 041b061a72


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