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Plants VS Zombies 3: The Best Tips and Tricks to Survive the Zombie Invasion on iOS

Once you're logged into an Irish account, you might find it difficult to locate Plants VS Zombies 3 on the App Store by searching. Click this App Store link on your iOS device to be taken directly to the Plants VS Zombies 3 page on the App Store. From here, simply add the game to your account and begin to download.

Meanwhile, Crazy Dave and Patrice Blazing needs your help to rebuild Neighborville and prepare a new fort in the Lost Keys Lake, including a sunflower bed and a zombie detector. However, the zombies are everywhere! Will the neighbors stay safe?

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Dr. Zomboss, and his crew of zany zombies have concocted a new, elaborate scheme to conquer Neighborville. Battle zombies to rebuild Neighborville, one lawn at a time, using zombie-bashing strategy, tower defense gameplay and survival game instincts! Push back the Brain Fog and blast your way through all of the town to restore the peace.

Puzzle action and adventure await with every level. Blast through lawns with exciting boosts like the new and improved Cherry Bomb and different plants with unique strengths. Build your plant defense, puzzle your way through tricky zombie challenges and use strategy to protect your brainz. Play with characters, new and old, including your favorite lawn legends and hilarious zombies.

Grow plants and reach new heights with your green-thumb! Plants are your weapon against Dr. Zomboss and his zombie horde. Unleash the power of the sun, plants, and toolshed as you ready for battle on the lawn.

Plants vs. Zombies is a video game franchise developed by PopCap Games, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts (EA). The series follows the affiliates of David "Crazy Dave" Blazing as they use his plants to defend against a zombie invasion, led by Dr. Edgar George Zomboss. The first game, Plants vs. Zombies (2009), was developed and released by PopCap before its acquisition by EA. After PopCap Games's acquisition, EA expanded the game into a franchise with games on many different platforms.

In May 2013, PopCap Games released a trailer revealing a sequel to the first game, titled Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time.[12][13] The game was soft-launched for the iOS in Australia and New Zealand on July 10, 2013,[14] and was officially released on August 14, 2013, as a freemium title.[15] The game featured new locations and plants along with the addition of plant food, a power-up that can be used to enhance a plant for a short period and can either be bought using in-game currency or acquired by defeating zombies that are glowing green.[16] There are four other power-ups in the game, all of which are bought with coins, the in-game currency. Along with these new add ons, the game continues to make updates from time to time. According to EA News, the Arena and Penny's Pursuit updates, which are different game modes within the game, have been some of their latest major updates, aside from all the mini add ons.[17]

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In July 2019, EA announced Plants vs. Zombies 3, another free-to-play mobile title in the series. It was launched in a pre-alpha state for Android in July 2019.[18][19] The game soft-launched in February 2020 in the Philippines, Romania, and Ireland.[20] It was then made unavailable in October 2020, becoming unplayable in November 2020. EA has plans to release an improved version of the game in the future.[21] On September 7, 2021, Plants vs. Zombies 3 was soft-launched again with substantial changes, such as two-dimensional graphics and the return of the Sunflower as a plantable plant, having the same purpose in the previous iterations.[22]

A spin-off called Plants vs. Zombies Adventures was announced in March 2013[25] and was released on May 20, 2013 on Facebook. The game added new locations and new plants. It also had a gameplay feature in which the player had a limited amount of plants and had to grow more plants at an in-game farm.[26] In July 2014, it was announced that Plants vs. Zombies Adventures would close on October 12, 2014.[27]

Since July 2013, Dark Horse Comics has published a Plants vs. Zombies ongoing comic book series, following teenagers Nate Timely and Patrice Blazing as they protect Neighborville from the zombie armies of Dr. Edgar Zomboss, with the help of Patrice's uncle, David "Crazy Dave" Blazing, and his own legion of genetically-modified sentient plants, accessible via the Plants vs. Zombies Comics app.[28] Elements from the comic book series were later adapted to the franchise's video game instalments, and vice-versa.[29]

A cancelled single player Plants vs. Zombies game had been in the works within EA from about 2015 to 2017. Known as "Project Hot Tub" in reference to Hot Tub Time Machine, the game was to have been an action game along the lines of the Uncharted series but maintaining its family-friendly nature, featuring two teenage siblings that travelled through time to fight zombies. The game was being developed by PopCap Vancouver. While a vertical slice of the game had been shown off to EA executives in 2017, EA opted to cancel the project to pull in more resources to Visceral Games to support their work on the Star Wars game under the name Project Ragtag, which had been languishing for several years. Despite this, EA cancelled Project Ragtag in October 2017, shutting down Visceral Games, and the former PopCap Vancouver team was relocated across other EA studios.[41]

Plants Vs Zombies 3 had a soft launch early this year in some selected countries. The iconic tower defense game is back with a vast of wonderful changes that will provide PvX fans a reason to rejoice. Although the game is currently on a beta phase, the newly launched version comes with many engaging new features to explore. The game follows a story of evil Dr. Zomboss and his treacherous plans to invade your town. He sent off his massive Brain Fog-spewing Devour Tower to conquer every block in your town. Now, your goal is to bring the town back to its former glory and eliminate all the zombies. Of course, this is only made possible with the help of your trusty plants. Feel free to explore the newest Plants Vs Zombies game and see what else this game has to offer.

The mechanics for this game are generally simple and easily manageable. If you have experienced playing any of the early Plants vs Zombies games, then you should know how exactly this game works. Plants vs Zombies 3 managed to capture all the exciting elements that we enjoyed from its predecessors and successfully merging them together. The game will reintroduce most of the characters we adored from the early PvZ games including the iconic plants and zombies while introducing new faces and new environments. The game follows the same goal, protect your base by preventing the zombies from reaching your house. You can do so by placing plants on your field.

Like the old PvZ, each plant comes with different abilities. Most of them are meant for offense and can shoot enemies from afar while others must be planted strategically to embrace their skill effects. Some plants are solely planted for defense such as Wall-nuts while others have special skills that can slow down enemies and more. Each plant requires a certain number of suns to summon them on the field successfully. Sunflower will generate the suns automatically and unlike its predecessors, you no longer need to plant them on the field. The zombies will arrive in waves and you must prevent them all from reaching your house, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning.

Plants vs Zombies 3 will also introduce us to the newer group of plants such as Buttercup, Butternut Squash, Caramel Popcorn, Aloe Vera, Fairy Ring Mushroom, and more. You can also upgrade individual plants by collecting seeds from every battle. If we have new plants, the game will also introduce us to a newer breed of zombies and probably tougher to beat than before. These include Power Walker, Donut Roller, Pigeon Feeder, and many more. You will also encounter various tricks (depending on the location) like Pigeon Plunge and Weiner Tornado.

Unlike its predecessors, Plants vs Zombies 3 will only feature 4 game modes (PvZ 2 has eight). The main campaign is the Devour Tower. The entirety of this takes place in a haunted tower consisting of 33 floors. Skeleton keys are required to play a level, which recharges over time (the counterpart of Penny Fuel from the previous installment). If you consumed all your Skeleton Keys, you can explore the Zombie Breakout mode. This mode will take you to 11 unlockable town areas with 3 levels available per invasion. It is necessary to explore towns to collect more seeds and to unlock new plants.

Plants Vs Zombies 3 may not be perfect yet but you can see a huge potential in this new installment and could possibly follow the success achieved by its predecessor. It features an entirely new approach compared to Plants Vs Zombies 2 as it eliminates the Time travel concept. Appearance-wise, Plants Vs Zombies 3 is indeed a visual delight and will treat you with colorful details and adorable characters. If you are an avid PvZ fan, this game is definitely a great addition to your mobile. Currently, Plants vs Zombies 3 had a soft launch on selected countries like Ireland, Romania, and the Philippines but it will soon be updated and subject to further development and expansion. Plants Vs Zombies 3 is available for Android and iOS devices and you can download this game absolutely for free.

For those interested in trying out the next Plants vs. Zombies game for themselves, there are a few restrictions to take into account. The Plants vs. Zombies 3 pre-alpha requires an Android device that is on par or more powerful than a Galaxy S7, with Android 6.0 or higher installed. The Plants vs. Zombies 3 pre-alpha is not available for iOS users at this time. To continue playing after download, players will have to remain logged into the same Google Play Games account that they downloaded the pre-alpha on.


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