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During the late 1800s through the early 1900s, physicians administered pelvic massages involving clitoral stimulation by early electronic vibrators as treatments for what was called female hysteria. Until the early 1900s, physicians used female hysteria as a diagnosis for women who reported a wide range of complaints and symptoms unexplainable by any other diagnosis at the time. According to historian Rachel Maines, physicians provided pelvic massages for thousands of years to female patients without it being considered erotic or sexually stimulating. After the Western Industrial Revolution, physicians began using electric machines in medicine, including the medical vibrator, which researchers theorize was used to more efficiently bring women to a hysterical paroxysm, the former medical term for a female orgasm. Until the 1920s, physicians used vibrating massagers as medical devices for treating hysteria at a time when doctors diagnosed women with hysteria as a sweeping diagnosis.

During the nineteenth century, societies throughout the US and Europe experienced what historians refer to as the Industrial Revolution, during which efficient manufacturing processes combined with the recent discoveries of ways to harness electricity resulted in the production of many new machines and the emergence of electronic devices. The vibrating massager was one of the earliest invented electronic devices. The sewing machine was the first electronic home device, and according to Maines, the vibrating massager was the fifth, and preceded the vacuum cleaner by nine years. Around the same time as the Industrial Revolution, physicians began looking for more efficient ways to treat hysteria. In her book, The Technology of Orgasm, Maines presents her hypothesis that some physicians used and developed vibrating machines to treat women with hysteria to save time and to avoid the laborious task of manual massage on the increasing number of female patients. In her hypothesis, Maines presents evidence that physicians legitimized and justified the clinical production of hysterical paroxysm as a treatment for a disease, and hysterical women drove the market for vibrating massagers during the turn of the nineteenth century.

In the early 1880s, physician Mortimer Granville invented the first portable, battery-powered vibrator that weighed over forty pounds. However, Granville wrote in 1883 that he did not intend for his device to treat hysteria, and rather intended its use only for male muscle fatigue. According to Maines, Granville believed women might mimic hysterical symptoms in order to gain treatment, despite not needing it for medical reasons. In other words, Granville did not want women to have orgasms after using his vibrator device, according to Maines. According to reporter Natalie Angier, vibrating massage devices continued to appear in magazines during the early 1900s, some powered by electricity, foot pedal, water turbine, gas engine, or air pressure. 041b061a72


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