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The Bachelor (1999) DVDRip MKV 400MB

one of the most popular tamil movies remade in hindi was the bachelor. the cast includes vijay and mithun in the lead and was released in the year 1999. it was a success in tamil and hindi. the movie starts with vijay training for wrestling by beating the hell out of a huge rock, and ends with vijay taking on vikram in a fight, both wearing only three inch heels. mithun is the wrestling coach and anna selvakumar, the referee. this movie is based on the legendary hindu festival of vasant panchami which is celebrated with much fanfare.

The Bachelor (1999) DVDRip MKV 400MB

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the company has released lots of movies in tamil earlier. its a premier entertainment company and has been releasing lots of movies in the year 1999. apart from releasing movies in tamil, they have also released movies in hindi, malayalam, telugu, kannada, marathi, and sinhala. the most popular movies released by them are the bachelor tamil movie and bhaag johnny. while bhaag johnny is a typical action movie, the bachelor tamil movie is a comedy film. people have been watching this movie in hindi, tamil, telugu, kannada, marathi, english, malayalam and sinhalese. the movie is a remake of the hindi romantic comedy movie of the same name.

as all the movies in the current season of bbc radio 4 drama are being broadcast on bbc radio 4 extra (4ae), the listeners can enjoy the drama from time to time without having to listen to the radio anymore. the show continues to be a hit for many people who were in their teens while watching the drama. so the production team decided to make a special season of the bachelor. this was a radio drama which was broadcast on bbc radio 4 extra. the script was written by bazaar, an english producer. one of the listeners to the radio drama wrote in to complain about the audio quality of the drama. the producers decided to make a literal translation of the drama in tamil so that even those who don't understand english could listen to it. this season is based on the popular hindi television drama of the same name.


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