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RealPage Screening is an advanced solution for tenancy screening, designed to accelerate the process of processing the tenancy for property managers and landlords. This advanced tool, as disclosed in the article on Space Coast Daily, is equipped with several features aimed at improving the efficiency and accuracy of tenant selection. The biggest part of RealPage Screening is its ability to provide the property managers and landlords with full background checks over the candidate. This encompasses credit history, criminal records, rental history, and more. With the aid of advanced technology and data banks, RealPage Screening can gather and analyze all the required information quickly to help the property manager decide on the candidate for the property.

According to the article, candidate screening is crucial in mitigating risks that might come with leasing properties. RealPage Screening has capabilities that enable the property manager to identify reliable tenants who are likely to fulfill their lease terms and maintain the property in good condition.

On the other hand, RealPage Screening includes a flexible adaptation of the screening criteria, to which any landlord or property manager can fit the needs of individual properties or rental units. This provides flexibility for adjusting the criteria of the screening to meet the specific needs of each property or rental unit.

Another important feature of RealPage Screening is that it can integrate with various property management software systems seamlessly. This in turn saves much of the time and effort required for manual data entry while at the same time streamlining the screening process to ensure that the screening results are easily accessible within the workflow of the property management system.

Additionally, RealPage Screening ensures that the information of the tenants stays secure and complies with the relevant regulations in respect of the data protection.

Summing up, RealPage Screening is a more or less revolutionary tool for property managers and landlords to navigate the process of tenant screening in an easier and more efficient way. With advanced features, customization options, and an easy integration process, RealPage Screening empowers property professionals to make well-informed decisions and manage their rental properties more effectively. Just check out this guide:


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