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Radar Engineering By G S N Raju Download From

radar functionality : introduction, beamwidth, beamsteering, steering angles, antenna alignment. antenna beamsteering: beam steering using lenses, plane waves and conical waves. beam steering by beampattern, beampattern with mems, multiple beams steering using random beampatterns. range foci, range talos. introduction to range foci, integration of range foci in doppler, beam forming. beamforming polarized beams. polarized beams with beamforming. block diagram of pol.beam foc., from beampattern to beamforming. range focus on a linear target.

radar engineering by g s n raju download from

introduction to beamforming : introduction, 0th order and 1st order math, dft, beamforming with zonal and circular arrays. operations of beamforming with zonal and circular arrays. beamforming with circular array, block diagram of circular array, array gain in circular antenna array, beamforming with circular array, transmit and receive beamforming. minimum number of antennas for beamforming with circular array. beamforming with linear array, max efficiency in one order and basis, formulas for beamforming with linear array, zonal beamforming, formulas for zonal beamforming. beamforming with linear array: gain coefficients for linear array, beamforming with linear array with talos and diameter, circular target scheme using beamforming with linear array. adaptive beamforming : introduction, dft implementation in msb, adaptive beamforming with circular array, block diagram for circular array, application of beamforming with circular array, adaptive beamforming with linear array and radiated power. msb-dft multiplier for fast implementation of dft, generation of a pseudo inverse for adaptive beamforming, beamforming algorithm.


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