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PC Gamer USA - November 2012 | Added By Users

Open beta testing started November 1, 2012 (for users from the Russian Federation; the global beta launched January 28, 2013) for Windows PC with about 200 aircraft and 600,000 players. On May 15, 2014, at 6 million registered players, the first ground forces for Germany and the Soviet Union were introduced.[41] Later added were the American,[42] British,[43] and Japanese ground forces.[44]

PC Gamer USA - November 2012 | added by users

Since Proton-Ge has added FSR support, Linux users now can use FSR in any title running through Proton-Ge. Note that this implementation is more limited than native game implementations as Proton-Ge applies the effect at the end of the rendering pipeline and thus affects HUD elements.

Roblox added VR support in 2016, making it the largest social VR platform in terms of the number of users. They also added cross-platform compatibility, meaning that users could utilize different devices to connect to play various Roblox VR games.Read also: Best Multiplayer VR Games To Play in 2022 (Honest Review)

Call of Duty: Warzone mobile finally entered soft launch on December 1 and it's clear that this is one gamers have been keeping an eye on. Already one of the biggest franchises in gaming, Warzone Mobile has surpassed 25 million pre-registered users across platforms.


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