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drivel (third-person singular simple present drivels, present participle (US) driveling or drivelling, simple past and past participle (US) driveled or drivelled)

I am more than willing to admit that just because I don't understand something doesn't mean it isn't well reasoned or accurate. But the proportion of things published in academic journals has become less and less accessible to anyone who isn't a specialist in that field. We live in an era of increasing academic specialization. As academia becomes more and more fragmented and balkanized into more narrow niches, an increasing proportion of what academics produce is unnecessarily obscure and obtuse, and, not surprisingly, poorly written. Graduate students read this drivel written by their academic elders, and then seek to emulate it, perpetuating the rule of pompous prose.

What's the "order" of the drivel It measures how much information about the source text is preserved in the generated drivel. Order-0 drivel chooses characters based on their overall frequency in the source text, ignoring all information about sequence. Order-1 drivel takes each character of the source text and tallies the frequencies of all the symbols that might possibly follow it. These frequencies yield a table of probabilities for the next drivel character. (For example, q is almost always followed by u in English.) Order-n drivel uses blocks of n characters to determine the probabilities of succeeding characters.

What does the fast-mode checkbox do The typewriter effect, in which drivel appears character by character, is created by deliberately slowing down the computation. If you're in a hurry, you can dispense with that illusion.

How about "Recurse" Why would I want to do that To find out what happens when the output of the driveling process is fed back to the input. Pressing the button makes the current drivel text the new source text. Press "Go" to make recursive drivel.

What kinds of files can I choose Plain text files, please. Some browsers will not allow you to select anything else. If you do manage to circumvent the safeguards and load a Word file or a PDF, I take no responsibility for whatever might happen next. You're on your own, driveling without a helmet.

Even with a plain text file, I'm seeing weird characters in the drivel. Where do they come from The internet is broken. Plain text files are not so plain after all; they use dozens of different bit-pattern encodings to represent the same symbols. If you can, choose a file with UTF-8 encoding.

What have you done to my text file It's all smushed into one long paragraph. Line breaks are converted to word spaces. This affects only the copy here in the drivel program; the original is not touched.

As the web of knowledge has grown, my task (and yours too) has shifted from mostly gathering scarce information to mostly filtering abundant information. How do we find the good ideas and the useful facts in the deluge of drivel

2. n. A lazy, slovenly person (Sh. 1908 Jak. (1928); Ork. 1929 Marw., drivel). Fem. form drivla (Jak.). Hence drivelly, clumsy, rough in manner or appearance (Ork. 1930). 59ce067264


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