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1942 - A Love Story Movie Download Hd 720p

When it comes to icons of classic Hollywood, one of those that I just don't understand is Preston Sturgis. Among those who matter, he was a wonderful writer/director whose work was pure genius and this is probably the general tenor of reviews of his films here on IMDb. It's funny, because while I am a huge fan of screwball comedy from the 1930s and 40s, I just don't 'get' Sturgis. I've seen almost every film he's made, and with only a few exceptions (such as HAIL THE CONQUERING HERO and THE LADY EVE), I thought most of his films were pretty ordinary. All too often, his films, to me, seem to try too hard and lack subtlety or timing. Some prime examples are the laughing sequences as the chain gang members laugh to a Mickey Mouse cartoon as if they are all on LSD and Rex Harrison's bumbling with a chair and other household items in UNFAITHFULLY YOURS. These moments were just too over-the-top and lacked the charm and timing of such marvelous non-Sturgis screwball comedies like BRINGING UP BABY or MY GIRL Friday.While PALM BEACH STORY isn't a bad film, it certainly didn't do anything to turn me into a "Sturgiphile". It's a good movie, but has too many improbable and over-the-top moments to keep it consistent. Some examples would include the hunting club scene on the train. While generally this was a cute sequence, it went from mildly cute to just plain stupid--using slapstick when it actually detracted from the overall plot. Having these drunk hunters running amok shooting hundreds of shotgun blasts throughout the train car just wasn't funny--it was more like something Elmer Fudd would have done, not a real life person. Also, the film's ending is way, way, way too convenient and contrived--having identical twins of BOTH McCrea AND Colbert show up out of nowhere to marry the two jilted loves (Vallee and Astor)! This defies possibility and crosses over to just plain dumb.All this is a shame, really, as apart from a few embarrassingly bad scenes (indicating that the great Sturgis COULD have used an editor), the film is a breezy and cute romantic comedy. Some elements, such as the "Wienie King", were weird but somehow worked and the overall momentum of the film was good.My suggestion is that you SHOULD watch this overrated screwball comedy,...AFTER you've seen all of Cary Grant's first (they were so much better on practically every level).

1942 - A Love Story movie download hd 720p

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