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[RPG] [crotch] RPG - That Life ~The Rural Survival RPG~ 185

Why do people "identify" with a digital characters crotch more than they do with whatever character traits they have ? "This person ticks exactly as i do, too bad they dont have boobs, i cant bond like that".

[RPG] [crotch] RPG - That Life ~The Rural Survival RPG~ 185

@World Why would using established staple characters be a bigger change than changing 30 year old lore ?Again, all this talk about "representation" and "Link is a blank slate" leaves me to think that people solely identify with a characters crotch !

I've said it once and I'll say it again: I want female characters with depth. Not everything requires a gender swap/option, especially if doing so produces empty, lifeless characters. As a female, it bothers me that the fantasy of inhabiting a female character seems to matter more than giving a female character her own narrative and agency instead of just tacking on a genderswap. As if that means something.

As for home consoles, well, it has been Nintendos lifeblood for many many years now. I don't think they will part ways with that concept anytime soon.But it is true that they completely lost touch with it and i even say that they only dominated the handheld market due to a severe lack of competition.

Deanna realized Rick was right in every way and the community would listen to him from that point on. After discussing what happened earlier that day with Aaron and Daryl, Rick officially retired Aaron and Daryl and ended the recruitment program, as nothing but dangerous men were out there who would try to kill their people. While disposing of Pete's body miles from the safe-zone, Rick and Morgan discovered a large quarry near the safe-zone that contained thousands of walkers, explaining why the safe-zone hasn't been overrun in the past year and a half. The only blockade that kept the walkers from escaping were semi trucks on a ridge which was beginning to give way. Rick returned to the safe-zone and proposed that the community not only be taught how to defend themselves, but also to help release the herd and divert them away from the safe-zone. Carter, a member of the construction crew, was not accepting of Rick's rule or his plan. Before the community ventured out, Carter attempted to rally other residents against Rick and kill him. Eugene Porter overheard, however, and before he could be killed, Rick intervened and established his rule as a leader of the community, but spared Carter's life.

Later on, Rick changed his plan to finding cars and driving the herd back to the quarry, but Jessie insisted that Judith be left with someone. Gabriel volunteered and took Judith into the church. As the group continued out, Sam had an emotional breakdown and began to cry, attracting the attention of the walkers and was devoured. Jessie, screaming in horror, was also devoured. As she wouldn't let go of Carl's hand, Rick chopped hers off. Ron points a gun at Rick for what happened, but Michonne drives her sword into his chest from behind. Ron's gun goes off and the bullet hits Carl's right eye. Rick and Michonne took Carl to the infirmary where Denise performs life-saving surgery. Eventually Rick led an attack on the walkers, joined by his friends and the residents of Alexandria. The attack was repelled when Glenn, Enid, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham returned with a fuel truck, filled the lake with fuel and ignited it. The walkers were then drawn to the fire and walked into it, killing some, and providing a distraction for the rest, allowing the inhabitants to successfully rally and fight back, killing the rest of the zombies and liberating Alexandria.

Jesus revealed to Rick and the others that he saw potential with Alexandria and that they could help provide weapons and security for his settlement, as well as the others his group had been trading with. Jesus took Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, and Abraham to his colony, but not before rescuing members of his own group who were crashed and stranded, including Harlan Carson, a doctor. The group eventually arrived at Jesus's settlement, the Hilltop Colony. Jesus introduced the group to his leader, Gregory, to which Rick led Maggie to act on his behalf, like a leader. A small team of Hilltop then returned but with a message from Negan and an assassination attempt on Gregory's life. Jesus defended Rick's team after killing the assassin and explained to them that Negan is the leader of a group calling themselves the Saviors, and that they arrived at the Hilltop shortly after the completion of the walls. He says that they demanded half of their supplies for insurance that the Saviors would not kill them. After Daryl proposes the idea, Rick and the others agree to save Craig and eliminate Negan and the Saviors, thereby ensuring the continued safety of both the Hilltop and Alexandria.

Having killed almost twice the largest number of Saviors previously seen, the Alexandrians assume that the Savior threat has been eliminated, and the community settles into easy routines. Rosita begins a relationship with Spencer and Carol with Tobin, while Gabriel and Eugene take up guard duty and Rick and Michonne grow even closer. About a week after the attack on the Saviors, Denise persuades Daryl and Rosita to take her on a supply run to a nearby apothecary, and Eugene shows Abraham a factory where he plans to manufacture bullets. During the trip, Denise tries to demonstrate her readiness to confront the word, but on the way back, she is shot through the eye with a crossbow bolt, killing her. A group of a dozen Saviors including a scarred Dwight swarm out of the woods, with Eugene as a hostage. Dwight, clutching Daryl's crossbow, demands access to Alexandria and their supplies as retribution for their previous actions. Eugene spots Abraham hiding nearby, and diverts one of the Saviors towards him, before biting Dwight in the crotch. This creates a distraction and allows Abraham, Daryl, and Rosita to fight back, killing most of the Saviors and driving the rest away. Eugene is struck by a bullet in the crossfire and is taken back to Alexandria for medical attention.

Spencer and Negan meet and share a drink on the porch, and Negan starts to become sympathetic for him. Spencer then offers him a game of pool. During the game, with most of the community members including Rosita watching them, Spencer tries to convince Negan to kill Rick and put him in charge. After listening to his plan, Negan confronts him outright, asking why he's not doing it himself. He suggests a reason, telling him he has no guts. In that moment he stabs Spencer in the waist and guts him on the street in front of the shocked Alexandrians. "You did have guts!" he exclaims in amusement as Spencer clutches his innards, "I've never been so wrong in my whole life!"

While the team is gone, the community suffers from both food shortages and other hardships such as the damaged wall occasionally suffering from breaches, at one point letting in a herd to wreak havoc before the breach is sealed again and the herd stopped. With Alexandria in such bad shape, some of the community considers abandoning their home, but the majority refuse to give up on it so easily. A mission is sent to the ruins of the Hilltop to recover blacksmithing supplies in an attempt to better fix the wall. Due to the destruction of the Hilltop, only a few supplies are recovered, but a surviving Whisperer reveals information that allows Carol, Kelly, Magna, Aaron and Rosita to rescue the long-missing Connie and bring her and Virgil back to Alexandria. However, shortly after their return, the community suffers another blow in the form of a massive storm that sets the windmill on fire and creates at least two breaches in the wall. While teams of residents work to put out the fire and to seal the breaches, the fire draws a herd from the surrounding area which swarms in through the breaches and besieges at least one house, forcing the residents taking shelter inside to retreat upstairs, intending to contain the walkers on the first floor and not calling for help as they know that the others have to put out the fire and seal the breaches in order to keep more walkers from swarming Alexandria. Despite the dangers, the residents manage to put out the fire, seal the breaches and eliminate the herd without any apparently losses of life. However, the storm destroys what's left of the community's food supply.


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