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Terrapin Logo 4.1.1 ? MAC OS X

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Terrapin Logo 4.1.1 – MAC OS X

New feature:- Search words are highlighted in search results- You can add logo in the header alone without enabling the top navigation- Added 3 optional custom links to Contact page- Added Tumblr feed custom page

Fixed:- Top navigation bar was too deep on IE and FireFox- Links in folder descriptions got broken in the header- Replacing index.htt with your own caused an extra "index" link in the navigation bars- Control bar and panel background graphics could disppear and re-appear only after a page refresh- The logo in the top navigation could run out of the bar

New features:- Support for custom pages- Multi-level top navigation bar- Simple bottom navigation bar in the footer- Better vertically split index page mode- Updated icons and colors to improve the buttons visibility on the index page- Share button is integrated better with the other (Info, Search) buttons- Home button in the navigation bar- Search within custom pages too- Thumbnail captions can be placed below the thumbs (no only as tool-tips as before)- You can add a logo and use as Home link in the top navigation bar- Background image can be added to every style and you can position and tile whatever you like- Image count in footer can be hidden- Modified New date calculation is based on Exif original date (if found)


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