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Dark Skin x64 v20.0.2.477 – Win: What's New and How to Use it in FL Studio - Music Producer Zone

The low pulse/SPO2 readings seen on dark skin are most likely due to the fact that the bands are not as good at collecting signal from these darker skin tones. But it should be noted that there is no universal issue with the pulse/SPO2 readings obtained from the forearm. So even though the pulse was low a good reading can still be obtained even with a darker skin tone.

Dark Skin x64 v20.0.2.477 – Win

Comment: The term 'dark skin' is problematic, it may be sexist to use it. It does not do away with skin colour but rather describes a paler tone. This has been used in medical history, with 'pallid' or 'fading' meaning darker than normal skin colours.

Conclusion: Conclusion: These data are the first to examine the relationship between race, gender, and temporal pulse oximetry in a pediatric population. There is a high percentage of devices that show inaccuracies for white females. Furthermore, there is the potential for this to be found to be true for individuals who are of African descent and in some specific groups of subjects who have darker skin tones.

Comment: dark skin - Why did they use a word that is sexist. The WHO, CDC, and FDA all use race and ethnicity as a classification of skin color. Its a fact of life that we categorize skin colors. Next thing you know they will tell us its okay for a woman to make a penis or a baby. This is a case of bias and gender discrimination.

This is a perfect example of the horrible problem of the yellow code. It not only makes it harder to see, it also makes you have a darker skin color, and a bigger risk of having a heart attack or stroke than the average skin tone. This brings to the attention the problem of people becoming darker skinned, just because they don't use a certain product.


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