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D D 5th Edition Homebrew Races |LINK|

This wiki hosts DND 5e content that is setting-specific, play-test content, or unofficial 'homebrew' content. Some content found on this page may not be suitable for play at your table. Check with your DM to see if what you find here is a good fit for your table if you are going to be using it in play.

D D 5th Edition Homebrew Races

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The world of Dungeons & Dragons is a melting pot boasting diverse styles, beliefs, and chiefly races. Many humanoids coexist in the Material Plane living in relative peace despite their considerable differences. Dungeons & Dragon's base books and various expansions provide players with a wide selection of races to choose from.

Although dozens of choices are available to the community, many inventive individuals have expanded this list offering endless possibilities. Everything, from homebrewed variants to races and subraces, is available to those seeking to make a distinct character. However, some creations exceed all others for their inventiveness, effectiveness, and roleplaying capabilities.

Updated December 4, 2021 by Christopher Julian Anaya: DnD homebrew races open up a whole new world of possibilities for players, and they highlight the community's ability to expand upon this universe to create fantastic creations that feel consistent with the official material. There are plenty of great homebrew races that people can incorporate into their sessions, so much so, that this article has been expanded to highlight a few more notable options. These inventions are unique, complementary to the standard races, and a whole lot of fun to utilize.

The Aarakocra are a bird-like race resembling avians like eagles, vultures, and - with this homebrew creation - penguins. Unlike other members of their race, Aarakocra Penguins reside in both frigid tundras and oceans. While many would suffer under these conditions, these Aarakocra not only live comfortably but prosper as well.

There are many animalistic humanoids in the Material Plane, however, none are quite like the homebrewed Mousefolk. While they are seemingly unimpressive, Mousefolks are an immensely proud and virtuous race. Their stalwart moral code and distinct characteristics shape them to become masterful warriors or knowledgeable scholars.

Half-breeds are typically the product of a human player and another humanoid, however, combinations like Elf-Orcs are possible. These rare hybrids are the product of a taboo relationship that both races look down upon. This causes a great deal of internal conflict in Elf-Orcs and regardless of their efforts they may never truly find closure.

Fey are among D&D's most mystical creatures and the opportunity to play one is a magical experience. Of the numerous fey races, none spark as much wonder as the homebrewed Dryad. Born from a tree by a powerful fey, Dryads are the guardians of the forest and its inhabitants, yet they may leave their position to carry out a higher purpose.

Arachne is a race of humanoid spider hybrids similar to Centaurs. Despite their monstrous appearance, the Arachne are hospitable and accepting of others. Even so, other races view them with great disdain and even disgust. The contempt the Arachne endure inspires them to alter the perceptions of others, whether through gracious or heroic acts.

A continual drive for self-improvement reflects the self-sufficiency of the race as a whole. Dragonborn value skill and excellence in all endeavors. They hate to fail, and they push themselves to extreme efforts before they give up on something. A dragonborn holds mastery of a particular skill as a lifetime goal. Members of other races who share the same commitment find it easy to earn the respect of a dragonborn.

Starting with aknowledgements! Special Thanks to /u/JamesMusicus for his class and race creation templates and /u/Stolksdorf for their homebrewing tool at Further more thank you to the crew behind GM Binder who I am now hosting this document with! Thank you to the team behind Final Fantasy XIV. Specifically Akihiko Yoshida for the work he's done to create the art I am using. I have spent over two years enjoying the world you all have created and have enjoyed it immensely!

The currently available races cover all playable races in theFFXIV MMO along with the presumed race. Each race is ableto fit into most fantasy worlds without trouble, I will include aquick blurb for each here.

The Au Ra hail from the east, and are marked by their scales and horns. These people have a stark difference in height between the the males and females of the species. The males tend to be much taller than the females and many other races, while the females on average are shorter than many of the other races. The dark scaled Xaela are nomads who travel the Azim Steppe and have developed a wide variety of customs which change from tribe to tribe. The light scaled Raen live largely integrated into modern society, giving up their nomadic ways for peaceful coexistence with the other races.

The Garleans are physically strong and highly intelligent people who call the land of Ilsabard their home. They are marked by their third eye, a gem like growth in the center of their forehead. Unfortunately for them, the Garleans as a whole have great difficulty channeling aether through their bodies, which despite their physicality and intelligence, found themselves bowing to many other magic wielding races. They were eventually able to develop technology to make up for this lack of magical aptitude and turned the tables, establishing the Garlean Empire in Ilsabard, a dominate force which sought to invade the land of Eorzea.

The Hrothgar are powerful, feline people from the Northeast who had struggles when meeting the other races of the world as they were unable to speak the common tongue. They call Ilsabard their homeland and they walk two distinct paths, one of servitude and the other of freedom. These distinct paths and ways of life led to the Helions, warm coloured Hrothgar who serve in the name of their Queen, and The Lost, cool coloured Hrothgar who value freedom above all else.

It was consideration for their families which helped define the two bloodlines of the Au Ra. The Xaela sought to keep their traditional ways and use power to protect their families. The Raen felt that a peaceful livelihood amongst the other races of the world was the best approach to protect their community.

Age. Despite their extraordinary physical features, the Au Ra live about as long as any of the other races of Eorzea, reaching physical maturity around the age of 16, and living to be around 80 years old.

Subrace. The Auri bloodline has split into two distinct groups, the nomadic Xaela and the solitary Raen, divided by the divine blood of their creators the Dusk Mother and Dawn Father. Select one of the two subraces of Au Ra.

The Au Ra are steadfast allies once they are befriended. Once an Au Ra calls you their friend, you are considered family to them. Their experiences with other races are fewer in number than most, but can appreciate the culture of the new lands.

The Raen live in harmony with the other civilized races of the East. They've assimilated fully into Doman culture, becoming valued for their unwavering determination to loyalty to their allies. They are largely looked upon favourably by the other races for their peaceful demeanor and respectable approach to life.

The Elezen are a race divided within themselves, and their often arrogant attitudes keep the other races at an arms reach. The Wildwood live off the lush forests, using their keen eyes to hunt and gather in the dense woods. The Duskwights in contrast are notorious for thievery and pillaging, being the victims of prejudice within the Twelveswood. The Ishgardians have done away with the forest and founded an oligarchy and city state in Northern Eorzea.

The Elezen strongly believe in their abilities and their birthrights. Many races may see this as arrogance, but if you are able to see past their haughty attitudes, you will find a steadfast and reliable ally.

The Garleans and the Garlean Empire have incurred the disdain of many races across the land. Those who within the Empire are often patriotic within the homeland, while hateful in the annexed regions. As such most races who are not Garleans have a hatred for them until they prove their intentions are good.

Hrothgar had a difficult start in the world initially, lacking knowledge of the common tongue of the land, they often found themselves at odds with their more well spoken races of the world. In time these fiercely misunderstood people managed to learn the language of the land and peace was brokered between them and the other races. Afterwards, a friendly neighbourly relationship formed between their home nation of Bozja and the rest of the world.

Around 1000 years ago, the Hyur spread across the land in a great migration from the north. They made their homes wherever they could set their footing. Some took to the mountains, while others found a foot hold in any city which would accept them. Today the Hyur are one of the most populous races in the world.

The Lalafell are generally a cheery race of people. Long ago the Lalafells lived as masters of agriculture and spread across the land along trade routes, selling their produce becoming one of the most widespread races there is. In time the Dunesfolk went as far as establishing their own desert city-state known as Ul'Dah. These tiny folk are highly ambitious and are not afraid to take hold of opportunity when it appears before them.

Thanks to their charming demeanors and financial ties across the world, Lalafells are one of the few races who can say it is on good terms with nearly everyone. Most Lalafells are kindly and outgoing, allowing them to seem like the younger sibling of all the races.

The Miqo'te are an aloof people who value their independence from the world. Centuries ago the Miqo'te migrated, Seekers spreading across the world in low numbers while Keepers finding dense forests as a new home. Traditionally they avoid the other races, but over time more and more Miqo'te have integrated into society with pockets of die hard traditional Miqo'te tribes surviving out in the world.


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