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Google’s Pixel Phones Are Being Slowed Down By Their Digital Wellbeing... !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Google will further improve the feature later this year by bringing a new Focus Mode with the Android Q software. The feature might be useful in controlling smartphone usage, but customers are unlikely to put up it if it slows down their phones.

Google’s Pixel phones are being slowed down by their Digital Wellbeing...

According to a Reddit thread, new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL owners are experiencing major performance problems that are causing their smartphones to slow down. Those folks have tried several tactics to address the problem, but ultimately found that disabling the Digital Wellbeing app on their caused significant improvements to the functionality.

Similar to Apple's Screen Time, Google's Digital Wellbeing is designed to monitor your smartphone usage habits and help in achieving a healthier digital lifestyle. It runs in the background and keeps track of how long you use your phone as well as individual apps, each day. The feature recently had an unwanted side effect on a number of Pixel phones causing speed and frame rate stutters.

Its major purpose was to monitor the phone usage and help users keep a track of how much time they are spending on their phones. It however led to slowing down the Android Pixel phones. So, if you own a Google Pixel phone and are concerned about the performance issues, you should know how to disable digital wellbeing in Pixel phone.

While having digital wellbeing in Pixel phone helps you keep track of the phone usage, it is a harm to the performance of your Pixel phone as it slows it down. In this article we will educate you about how to disable digital wellbeing in your Pixel phone, which can be achieved by performing the following steps:

First, you'll need to head into the Magisk app, tap the menu button on the left, and then tap the "Downloads" section. Hit the search bar and type in "digital wellbeing port," and it should be the first and only option at the top. From there, tap the download arrow and then "Install" to begin flashing the module to your device. Once it finishes, tap the "Close" button on the left and then proceed to the next step.

The first clue is the unexpected shutdowns. When Apple pushed out the updates that slowed down older iPhones, it was to mitigate serious battery problems. Many users complained that their iPhone's battery meter would jump up and down seemingly at random, while others reported unexpected shutdowns when there was seemingly plenty of battery power left.

Digital detox is an agreed upon period of time where individuals, companies, families, or other groups pledge to put down their phones and step away from their computers so they can concentrate on conversation, activities, learning new skills, and just generally being more aware of the concrete world around them.

I can certainly vouch for the fact that Android phones used to become very slow after they were used for a couple of years. I owned a Samsung Galaxy S5 back in 2014 when I first wrote this post. It was an incredible phone, but it slowed down as time went on which was frustrating.

i would not listen to this person android are so filled with bloatware and spyware that it drains you battery life it also slws the phone down to the point it can freeze easily I had android phones since they fist came out and they suck if you want to spend hundreds of dollars constantly replacing you battery be my guest my iphone has been great i have Iphone 10 now and it lasted me forever never had to replace the battery due to them having zero bloatware which does not drain my battery life. Yes it may be delicate and very expensive but way bettter then those poorly made androids. As tempting as their cheep phones are i am not going to buy any of them sorry android lovers but your phones are crap and this is my opinion.

I agree with your points, but I really dont think either one is inherently better than the other. I have personally had both and switched back and forth constantly. I find that android, while the customization options are SOOO much better and widgets are amazing, i find that if you dwell into the settings everything gets very cluttered if you arent a 100% techie and Google tries to shove all of its software down your throat and I end up having to turn of every google now software feature and disable all of the google apps except the play store. I find that apple has the much better app store and its an overall very simple experience. I love the big screen of most android phones and how cheap you can get some big screened phones, but as someone who wants a simple streamlined experience, im going to stick with apple, for now. 350c69d7ab


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