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Download Claw Rar HOT!

Two-dimensional platformers and jumping games were the dominant feature of the early 1990s. By the end of the 90's, the platformers were no longer interesting and every new hit had to be 3D. At the same time, 2D platformers are one of the most fun games, but every time demands its own, so gaming companies have moved in a different direction. Fortunately, there are a few companies that have not forgotten about this genre, and in 1997 Claw is published. The game tells the story of the pirate Captain Claw (claw), who is probably looking for the whole world, because a reward of a million gold coins is written for him. Even though he is caught, he manages to escape from prison. You take on his role and set out on a painful journey to find a mysterious amulet that has magical powers. The very character of the pirate in the game is clear that the story takes place in the past and the graphics of the game are adapted to this - corsairs, deaths, pirates with swords, dynamite, or some magic. The game has a total of 16 levels, each of which takes place in a different environment and thus differs significantly in terms of graphics. The interesting thing about this game was the presence of multiplayer, and as one of the few games in those years, the game had its own page with the current ranking of the highest score. The Monolith company certainly took a risk when it released this game at a time when 3D action shooters were already flying, but I did very well, I think, because there were still enough players who knew how to appreciate a beautiful platformer.

Download Claw rar

NameSizeDescriptionClaw v1.4.4.4 'CrazyHook'65 MBHighly recommended: when in doubt, get this version. Contains the full game, including the CrazyHook mod by Zax37 and Kubus_PL, as well as dgVoodoo to fix framerate issues. Works on Windows 10/11 and requires no installation. Alt+Enter switches to full screen.Complete Level Pack114 MBA complete collection of fan-made custom levels for Claw, current as of January 2023. Extract to \CUSTOM in your Claw folder, or get specific maps in the dedicated section.Cutscenes349 MBIn-game cutscenes for the CrazyHook and CD Rip versions. Hosted off-site, simply copy the downloaded file to your game directory.DVD torrent1,3 GBThe DVD version of Claw, with high quality .VOB movies (not playable in-game). Not a current release, provided only for archival purposes (requires a torrent client). If you just want to play, get CrazyHook instead. Claw Level Editor770 KBWapWorld, the original Claw level editor complete with a readme and help file.WapMap3 MBA new, alternative level editor for Claw that dramatically improves on WapWorld's feature set and usability. Originally created by kijanek6 and currently maintained by Zax37.Level Designer's Guide23,5 MBAn extensive, eight-part guide by Pejti that covers all aspects of Claw level design: from the basics of the original WapWorld editor to custom logics and external assets enabled by CrazyHook in the new WapMap.Rich's Walkthroughs88 KBWalkthroughs in text format for each of the game's 14 levels, written by Rich Kleinhenz and given to me by Teo phil. Additionally, a walkthrough for Randy's UnderSeaWorld custom level. I converted them from HTML to text to minimise download time.Claw Design Document261 KBBasically a Claw master guide that provides help with every aspect of the game. Was written for a pre-release version of the game and is out of date, but well worth the look.Claw Art1,3 MBOver 20 art files, from development sketches to large wallpaper images.Claw Music1,4 MBAll the music from the game in .mid format, and also the end themes in .wav format.Claw Trailer2,7 MBThe official trailer of Claw from the game's website. 160x120 resolution, AVI format.Claw Help File114 KBAn excellent "newbie guide" to the game by Alienz9k and Sparkboy.Claw Wallpaper Art800 KBBackground images for your desktop.Rough Drawings2,3 MBUnique Claw development sketches.Map Shots1,7 MBMap shots of all 14 levels.Icons8,6 KBA small set of Claw-themed icons.Claw Dialog List4 KBVery useful when creating custom levels, this list features all the Claw dialog sound triggers that can be used in the editor.DirectX Windower716 KBAllows to play Claw (as well as other games) in windowed mode. Currently unavailable on TCR (falsely flagged as malware by our host).Fullscreen [F11]562 KBA companion to DirectX Windower, use this tool to force full screen mode if you're only looking to mitigate performance issues and would rather play Claw in full screen.Claw CD Rip29 MBA CD rip of Claw. Needs a registration key that you'll find in the attached text file. As of 2016, we recommend downloading the CrazyHook package instead (see above).Rip version fix551 KBWindows 7 and Vista fix for the rip version of Claw (see above).Claw Setup63 KBA custom-made installer for Claw that works on modern, 64-bit operating systems. Can automatically copy the music and movies to your HDD, as well as apply the registry fix for Windows XP or later. Provided by SupSuper.Claw v1.3 Update682 KBEnables TCP/IP and DirectPlay functionality. Required to play online. Already included in the CrazyHook and CD Rip versions.Crack552 KBEnables you to play without the CD. Extract the archive into your Claw installation folder.

Story: Freddy Krueger is haunting Elmo's dreams. You must find the radios to wake up and escape Freddy's Nightmare, but beware, Freddy is fast and deadly so if he spots you, he'll catch you and stab you with his claw glove. Will you be able to escape his Nightmare?

Well, you don't really need anything per say. Just double click the application to play it. However, if you tried launching the game through the folder you downloaded it in without unzipping it, you won't be able to play the game since it's a .rar folder. If you didn't unzip it, you'll need an unzipping program like winrar in order to access the folder's contents. The reason it's zipped is basicly a way for me to compress and upload the game onto this site with minimal space being taken, so I'm sorry if it's a minor annoyance, haha. But if you did already unzip the folder, then you'll just need to double click the application to play.

Whats new: New hud font, replaced the shield rune with the summoning rune, added a few extra sounds and projectile trails, the beam shot now glows in the dark, particle effect on healing, replaced armor sprites, small ammo packs are now flowers, claw now has a zoom and particle effect, divine rune now gives a damage and attack speed boost 041b061a72


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