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How to Get Battlefield 3 Activation Code for Free

Battlefield 3 is a popular first-person shooter game that was released in 2011 by DICE and Electronic Arts. The game features a single-player campaign, a co-op mode, and a multiplayer mode with 29 maps and various vehicles, weapons, and gadgets. If you want to play Battlefield 3 on your PC, you will need a valid Steam key that you can redeem on the Steam platform.

However, buying a Steam key for Battlefield 3 can be expensive, especially if you missed the Humble Origin Bundle that offered the game for a low price. So, how can you get Battlefield 3 activation code for free Here are some possible ways:

Look for giveaways or promotions that offer free Steam keys for Battlefield 3. For example, in 2013, EA gave away free codes for Battlefield 3 on Origin using the code G433-XWLD-ZBW8-JWUC-JDSW[^3^]. However, this code was quickly shut off by EA, so you might not be able to find such deals anymore[^3^]. You can also check Reddit or other forums for people who are willing to share their spare codes with others[^3^].

Contact EA support and ask them to transfer your Battlefield 3 code from your old Origin account to your new one. If you have purchased Battlefield 3 before on a different account and you have lost access to it, you might be able to recover your code by providing proof of purchase to EA advisors[^2^]. However, this might not work if you have used a different email address or payment method for your old account[^2^]. You can contact EA support here:

Use a valid Steam key generator that can create random codes for Battlefield 3. This is a risky and illegal method that might not work at all or might get your account banned by Steam or EA. A Steam key generator is a software that claims to generate valid codes for various games, but most of them are scams or malware that can harm your computer or steal your personal information. Moreover, using a generated code might violate the terms of service of Steam or EA and result in legal consequences. Therefore, we do not recommend this method at all.

In conclusion, getting Battlefield 3 activation code for free is not easy or safe. The best way to play the game is to buy it from a legitimate source and support the developers. You can find Battlefield 3 on Steam here: Alternatively, you can wait for a sale or a bundle that offers the game at a discounted price.What is Battlefield 3 and Why Should You Play It

Battlefield 3 is a first-person shooter game that was developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts in 2011. The game is the third main installment in the Battlefield series and the sequel to Battlefield 2. The game features a realistic and immersive gameplay that simulates modern warfare in various locations around the world, such as Paris, Tehran, New York, and more.

Battlefield 3 has three modes of play: a single-player campaign, a co-op mode, and a multiplayer mode. The single-player campaign follows the story of several characters who are involved in a global conflict between the United States and Iran. The co-op mode allows two players to team up and complete six missions that are separate from the main campaign. The multiplayer mode is the most popular and acclaimed aspect of the game, as it allows up to 64 players to compete or cooperate in various modes, such as Conquest, Rush, Team Deathmatch, and more.

Battlefield 3 is praised for its stunning graphics, realistic physics, dynamic sound, and varied gameplay. The game uses the Frostbite 2 engine, which enables destructible environments, advanced lighting, and high-quality animations. The game also features a wide range of vehicles, weapons, and gadgets that can be customized and upgraded to suit different play styles and strategies. Moreover, the game has a rich and active community that creates and shares custom maps, mods, and servers for other players to enjoy.


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