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Suisside - Dark Side Of The Moon [Lyrics X AMV]

is it going to be me or you?ima meet you in the dark side of the moonima leave your red dress ruinedi dont wanna leave you way too soonb+tterflies all over the field. tell me lies ive been trying to feel

suisside - Dark Side Of The Moon [Lyrics x AMV]


Dark Side Of The Moon Suisside Lyrics. Web i don't wanna leave you way too soon. Web suisside dark side of the moon play track love this track more actions listeners 21.2k scrobbles 184.4k join others and track this song scrobble, find and.

In Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo, Asuka is one of the Evangelion pilots of the WILLE organization. While waiting to launch Operation US to recover Unit 01, Asuka is looking at the Moon and recites a poem[3] before being surprised by Mari, the other pilot, wearing her school uniform and asking her if she agrees the Moon is beauiful. Mari asks Asuka if she agrees that the moon is beautiful.[4] Mari explains she wants Shinji to be able to easily recognize them once he's recovered. Misato's plan is for Mari to lead the operation with Asuka in support, as her Unit-08 is less damaged, but Mari suggests Asuka take the lead instead for Shinji's sake. Asuka however is reluctant, and believes Shinji himself is dead and unrecoverable. Looking back on memories of Shinji and Misato before Third Impact, Asuka changes her mind, and puts on her old plugsuit from the previous film and improvises a repair. As they launch, Mari sings to Asuka.[5][6] In space, she faces several Evangelion Mark.04 units, ultimately saved by Shinji awakening inside Unit 01. She shows aggression toward Shinji during their reunion out of both concern and his involvement in Near Third Impact, ranging up to a punch in the window of the room where he is enclosed. She informs him about the "Curse of Eva" which prevents pilots from physically aging before leaving, obviously too upset to explain to Shinji about what has happened on Earth. Suddenly, Evangelion Mark.09 attacks AAA Wunder, prompting Asuka to have Mari destroy it. However, the said Evangelion escapes, much to Asuka's exasperation, before she calls Shinji a "brat" as she knows that they have no chance to reveal NERV's true nature. 041b061a72


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