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To be honest, it had been some time since I flipped through a Madeline book (my eldest daughter was a big fan), so I searched around for a few before watching Madeline: Meet Me in Paris, just to refresh my memory. And indeed, they are so charming and sweet. Always beginning with the lines referenced above, author and illustrator Bemelmans creates an enchanting Parisian atmosphere of both excitement and security (the rigidity - and safety - of the girls' routine, contrasted with little Madeline's rambunctious willingness to slightly break the rules) as he tells the various adventures of Madeline, an inquisitive, precocious 8-year-old at a Paris boarding school, run by nun Miss Clavel. Bemelmans, who evidently saw himself more as an illustrator and serious artist rather than as a writer per se, has an enchantingly light, airy hand to his work, a distinctive style that the animators of these shorts come acceptably close - within the limits of lower-budgeted TV animation - to recreating. 1e1e36bf2d


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