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Tetraface Inc Metasequoia V4.7.1 Win !!TOP!!

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Tetraface Inc Metasequoia V4.7.1 Win !!TOP!!

1. Definitions. 1.1 "Software" means all computer programs, data and documents including this product but not limited to them. 1.2 "Charged License" means a license with License key issued by tetraface after you purchased or you requested for a trial purpose.1.3 "License Key" means a serial id that is given together with Charged License and is used for running and using Software or a part of it.1.4 "Server" means that Software is installed in it, and you may run use Software by accessing from other multiple computers.1.5 "Client PC" means a computer that you may use Software by accessing to the Server.

3 Duplication3.1 You may create a copy of Software for a backup or a distribution to a particular person.3.2 You shall obtain the prior consent of tetraface when you create a copy of Software for a purpose of a distribution to the unspecified target.3.3 You shall not create a copy of Software for a purpose except purposes in the previous sections.

11 Revoking11.1 Tetraface may have a right of revoking your right to use Software when you violate the Agreement.11.2 When tetraface revoke your right to use Software, you shall stop using Software and erase Software and the copies rapidly. 153554b96e


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