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The Awful Truth:


The Awful Truth:

Jerry attempts to explain away Lucy's behavior as drunkenness, and says he will drive Lucy home. Lucy repeatedly sabotages the car on the ride to delay their parting. Pulled over by motorcycle police officers, who believe Jerry is drunk, Lucy manages to wreck the car. The police give the couple a lift to Aunt Patsy's nearby cabin. Although sleeping in different (but adjoining) bedrooms, Jerry and Lucy slowly overcome their pride and a series of comic mishaps in order to admit "the awful truth" that they still love one another. They reconcile at midnight, just before their divorce is to be finalized.

NEW YORK TIMES Film Review - November 5, 1937 - by Bosley Crowther - submitted by Barry Martin The art of being Gallic, or bedroomish, in a nice way, is demonstrated with Celtic ingenuity (the principals are just interlocutorily divorced, not actually unwedded) and a technique which seems original, possibly because no one has dared to use it since the talkie revolution, in Leo McCarey's Columbia production "The Awful Truth," at the Music Hall. To be frank, "The Awful Truth" is awfully unimportant, but it is also one of the more laughable screen comedies of 1937, a fairly good vintage year. Its comedy is almost purely physical - like that of the old Avery Hopwood stage farces - with only here and there a lone gag to interrupt the pure poetry of motion, yet its unapologetic return to the fundamentals of comedy seems, we repeat, original and daring. 59ce067264


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