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Gmh2 Maya Hair Script Download Pdf !!TOP!!

Gmh2 Maya Hair Script Download Pdf

Gmh2 Maya Hair Script Download Pdf !!TOP!!

How to Download and Use GMH2 Maya Hair Script

If you are looking for a way to create realistic and stylized hair in Maya, you might want to check out GMH2, a script developed by Thunder Cloud Studio. GMH2 stands for Geo Maya Hair 2, and it is an advanced version of the original GMH script that specializes in hair modeling and stylizing.

GMH2 allows you to easily model complex hair styles using traditional polygon modeling method and convert them to Maya Hair with just two simple steps. You can also bake hair to textures on polygon planes, apply multiple shaders to hair geometry, and export hair in OBJ or FBX format as curves or poly meshes.

In this article, we will show you how to download and use GMH2 Maya Hair Script to create stunning hair for your characters.

How to Download GMH2 Maya Hair Script

To download GMH2 Maya Hair Script, you need to purchase it from 3DOcean, a marketplace for 3D models, scripts, plugins, and more. The price of GMH2 is $25, and it comes with a regular license that allows you to use it for one end product. You can also buy an extended license for $125, which allows you to use it for multiple end products.

Once you purchase GMH2, you will receive a zip file that contains the script file (GMH2.mel), a user manual (GMH2.pdf), and some sample files. You need to unzip the file and copy the script file to your Maya scripts folder. The default location of the scripts folder is:

Windows: C:\Users\username\Documents\maya\scripts

Mac OS: /Users/username/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/scripts

Linux: /home/username/maya/scripts

After copying the script file, you need to restart Maya or run the command rehash in the script editor to refresh the scripts list.

How to Use GMH2 Maya Hair Script

To use GMH2 Maya Hair Script, you need to load it in Maya by running the command source GMH2; in the script editor or by creating a shelf button with the same command. This will open the GMH2 UI window, which has four tabs: Create Hair Style, Convert To Hair System, Bake To Texture, and Export.

The first tab, Create Hair Style, allows you to create polygon hair planes and generate Maya hairs from them. You can use any polygon modeling tools to create your hair planes, such as extrude, bevel, bridge, etc. You can also use the GMH tools such as Add Guide Curve, Add Hair Plane, Add Hair Strip, etc. to speed up your workflow.

Once you have your polygon hair planes ready, you can select them and click on Generate Hairs button to convert them to Maya hairs. You can adjust the parameters such as Number of Hairs Per Face, Randomize Hairs Position/Rotation/Scale/Length/Width/Color/Specular/Transparency/Curliness/Frizz/Kink/Wave/Bend/Twist/Clump/Rollout/Attraction etc. You can also preview the result in viewport before applying it.

The second tab, Convert To Hair System, allows you to convert your generated hairs to nHair system without the GMH nodes attached. This gives you more control over the dynamic simulation and rendering of your hairs. You can select your generated hairs and click on Convert To nHair button to create a new nHair system with all the attributes transferred from GMH.

The third tab, Bake To Texture, allows you to bake your generated hairs to textures on polygon planes. This is useful for creating low-poly hair strips for game engines or real-time applications. You can select your generated hairs and click on Bake To Texture button to create a new polygon plane with UVs and textures applied. You can adjust the parameters such as Texture Resolution/Format/Quality/Folder/Name etc.

The fourth tab, Export, allows you to export your generated hairs or baked textures in OBJ or FBX format as curves or poly 061ffe29dd


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