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The Whispering Room

A whispering gallery is usually a circular, hemispherical, elliptical or ellipsoidal enclosure, often beneath a dome or a vault, in which whispers can be heard clearly in other parts of the gallery. Such galleries can also be set up using two parabolic dishes. Sometimes the phenomenon is detected in caves.

The Whispering Room


A whispering gallery is most simply constructed in the form of a circular wall, and allows whispered communication from any part of the internal side of the circumference to any other part. The sound is carried by waves, known as whispering-gallery waves, that travel around the circumference clinging to the walls, an effect that was discovered in the whispering gallery of St Paul's Cathedral in London.[1] The extent to which the sound travels at St Paul's can also be judged by clapping in the gallery, which produces four echoes.[2] Other historical examples[3][4][5] are the Gol Gumbaz mausoleum in Bijapur,India and the Echo Wall of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. A hemispherical enclosure will also guide whispering gallery waves. The waves carry the words so that others will be able to hear them from the opposite side of the gallery.

The gallery may also be in the form of an ellipse or ellipsoid,[4] with an accessible point at each focus. In this case, when a visitor stands at one focus and whispers, the line of sound emanating from this focus reflects directly to the focus at the other end of the gallery, where the whispers may be heard. In a similar way, two large concave parabolic dishes, serving as acoustic mirrors, may be erected facing each other in a room or outdoors to serve as a whispering gallery, a common feature of science museums. Egg-shaped galleries, such as the Golghar Granary at Bankipore,[3] and irregularly shaped smooth-walled galleries in the form of caves, such as the Ear of Dionysius in Syracuse,[4] also exist.

A Museum favorite since 1938, the acoustic Whispering Gallery still sounds as good as it looks. You and a friend stand with your backs to each other at either end of this long room. When you whisper into the curved dish in front of you, your friend across the room hears you as though you are just inches away. No wires, no power. Can you figure out how it works?

There is a particular scene in the book that struck a chord with me. Jane is in her motel room alone and trying to figure out her next move. She thinks the best way to expose the Techno Arcadians is through the internet. She continues thinking of the early days of the internet. When it was growing at a fast rate, too fast to be regulated and edited, back when the law was not equipped to deal with internet crimes such as identity fraud. Jane refers to the early internet as the Wild West. She realizes that posting this info may not have the affect she wants. The info she has can be edited or removed as soon as it is uploaded. In the early days of the internet, the goal was a free and fast exchange of information. Information you would not find in a newspaper or on TV because it was reviewed and edited before it was distributed or aired. It started out as good thing, a way to get the truth to the public. I wonder if this war Jane is embroiled in started out like the internet, with good intentions gone terribly bad. We will have to wait and see.

With a black-market LockAid lock-release gun legally sold only to law-enforcement agencies, Jane defeated the deadbolt on the back door. She returned the device to the tote and opened the door and stood listening to the lightless kitchen, to the rooms beyond.

She passed through spacious rooms as dark as closed caskets and devoid of furniture. Although draperies were drawn over the windows, she kept the flashlight on low beam, directing it only at the floor.

Although she wanted the front of the house, she toured the entire second floor to be certain she was alone. This was an upper-middle-class home in a desirable neighborhood, each bedroom with its private bath, though the chill in its vacant chambers gave rise in Jane to a presentiment of suburban decline and societal decay.

Or perhaps the dark, cold rooms were not what fostered this apprehension. In fact, a persistent foreboding had been with her for nearly a week, since she had learned what some of the most powerful people in this new world of technological wonders were planning for their fellow citizens.

She put her tote bag down by a window in a front bedroom and clicked off the flashlight and parted the draperies. She studied not the house directly across the street but the one next door to it, a fine example of Craftsman architecture.

The door is actually well hidden in plain sight off the main hall of Dragonsreach. In order to find it, go into the kitchen. Proceed down the stairs and open the closet door in the small servant's room. At the back of the closet is a locked door which seems to be covered in blood. Activate the door, and the disembodied voice of the Whispering Lady will begin talking to you.

Nelkir will tell you that only the Jarl and the court mage, Farengar Secret-Fire, possess a key to the Whispering Door, and suggests that Farengar will not be missed should he disappear. You can either track down the Jarl, who is either in his quarters or in the Blue Palace, or his wizard. Farengar will always be situated in Dragonsreach, even if the Jarl is now a prisoner of the Civil War. As for the key itself, you can pickpocket the Whispering Door key off either Farengar or Balgruuf, or you can follow Nelkir's advice to kill Farengar and take it from his corpse. When you have the key, head down to the basement and open the door, which reveals a small room with a sword and a book resting on a table. The book, Admonition Against Ebony, warns you against taking the sword lying next to it; however, to complete the quest, simply ignore the warning and pick up the sword. Mephala will speak to you again.

The Whispering Halls does not lack in the scenic department at all. Even before you enter the actual room you are met with a Victorian looking door complete with lion head knocker. Once you step inside you might as well forget about the outside world because quite simply, it does not exist after the door closes.

As you progress some of the scenery gets darker in content, building upon the story as you get further into the room. Not only was the visual on point but the audio was as well. Use of localized sound effects made it feel as though the spirits were moving throughout the room. The timing of the lights with those audio effects made our group stop what we were doing on a couple of occasions to pay attention to our surroundings.

Enchambered is known for stepping up their games with every new release. With a recent warehouse expansion and construction of a new room well under way there is quite a lot to be excited for from this company!

There are a variety of facilities available to guests of the guest house, including snow sports, a designated smoking area and room service. There are also a range of outdoor activities to enjoy, such as canoeing, hiking and fishing.

We have achieved low threshold lasing of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots coupled to the evanescent wave of the high-$Q$ whispering gallery modes of a silica microsphere. In spite of high temperature and $Q$-spoiling of whispering gallery modes due to diffusion and refraction on the high index semiconductor sample, room temperature lasing is obtained with less than 100 quantum dots. This result highlights the feasibility and interest of combining self-assembled quantum dots and microspheres in view of cavity-quantum electrodynamics experiments.

A detailed study on the optical cavity modes of zinc oxide microspheres under the optical excitation is presented. The zinc oxide microspheres with diameters ranging from 1.5 to 3.0 µm are prepared using hydrothermal growth technique. The photoluminescence measurement of a single microsphere shows prominent resonances of whispering gallery modes at room temperature. The experimentally observed whispering gallery modes in the photoluminescence spectrum are compared with theoretical calculations using analytical and finite element methods in order to clarify resonance properties of these modes. The comparison between theoretical analysis and experiment suggests that the dielectric constant of the ZnO microsphere is somewhat different from that for bulk ZnO. The sharp resonances of whispering gallery modes in zinc oxide microspheres cover the entire visible window. They may be utilized in realizations of optical resonators, light emitting devices, and lasers for future chip integrations with micro/nano optoelectronic circuits, and developments of optical biosensors.

Using room temperature photoluminescence measurements, we have demonstrated a sensing operation based on hexagonal GaN microdisks with a side length of approximately 1.5 μm that acted as optical microcavities. In the experiment, the optical microresonant systems based on the whispering-gallery mode (WGM) in the microdisks were affected by their ambient conditions, resulting in shifts of the lasing wavelength by varying the mixing ratios of isopropanol and o-xylene. We also obtained such shifts for aqueous solutions with varying sucrose concentrations. In addition, we demonstrated that tiny waterborne particles can be detected using a microdisk. These results indicate that the WGM in the hexagonal GaN microdisks potentially can be used to develop optical microbiosensors that can evaluate a limited area with a radius of 1-2 μm.

All the things a school cannot teach:explicit terms for the taste of ripe mango,tact, how to become six feet tall exactly.In the whispering gallery, the physicsprofessor murmurs into a cell phone,and a girl in a pleated skirt hears allabout his date last night. Windows fog.

Can you believe your ears when theyhear something preached so far away?Calculus reverberates, feelings might.At the junction of didactics and rhythmis sincerely caring about something.The togetherness in a room of peoplecan't be calculated or understated. [End Page 116] 041b061a72


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