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raster graphics are the ones that are very commonly used in t-shirt designing software. although we like to keep an eye on them as well, they will create a lot less options and a lot less flexibility when designing a final t-shirt design. sure, you can get raster graphics to work with your t-shirts, but they are often quite a hassle. thats why we tend to recommend that you use design software that also contains vectors. but if you prefer raster graphics, here is a link that you may find useful: pen & inkscape

so should you use vector graphics or raster graphics for your next designs well, your choice really depends on your work style and the project you want to turn out, but if you want something that will be reliable and helpful from start to finish, you can always take adobe illustrator and learn how to use it. it wont take long, and when you are familiar with illustrator, you should be ready to start using graffixpro studio.

graffixpro studio comes with an intuitive user interface that will be very familiar to anyone who has used photoshop before. they are hoping to reduce the learning curve when it comes to designing for t-shirt printing. so you wont need to learn any new tool that you may already use. the interface is simple and clean, so if you are new to design software, this software will be very useful.

out of the box, you will see a fully loaded screen that will have plenty of tools available to you. you have the ability to choose from templates, keep the original design, add text, change colours, etc. all of these options are described in the main window; however, it will be well worth studying the help files that will come with this software. there is plenty of information on how to use everything that is available, and in fact, tutorials are offered to help you get started. 3d9ccd7d82


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