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Sega Dreamcast Movie Creator 12


when the dust had settled, sega saturn veteran takashi iizuka was brought in to be the director, and sonic team veteran takashi kikuchi became its producer. with a third of the team created specifically for the project, sonic team was finally back on a roll.

with a clear vision of what sonic team should create, the team set about the design process. choosing to utilize the expansive amount of memory of the dreamcast, the team built out the franchise with new creatures, characters, and environments that would better represent the universe they were creating. the result was a game that would make excellent use of the hardware the team had available.

recording the game's soundtrack would not be an easy task, as the team was asked to create not only a game audio track, but also a full orchestral score, creating what would become one of the first non-video game uses of the orchestral instruments. without this challenge, the game would be incomplete. creating musical instruments such as the guitar, trumpet, and piano, as well as track the game's music, would be a major undertaking. recognizing this, yuji naka had the idea of utilizing the sega saturn's link cable to allow the game's music to be recorded directly from the console. taking the theory and practice of the incredible music created by the talented tetsuya mizuguchi for sonic adventure, this would allow for the team to bring the experience directly into the dreamcast.

with all of the pieces of the puzzle falling in place, the remaining challenge would be to get sonic team to make the game. in a news broadcast, yuji naka and takashi iizuka would share the news of the game's creation to the press. the result would be a 100-minute long demo for the game, which would involve an entire generation of parents and would finally give sonic his long-awaited return. 3d9ccd7d82


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