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Vibe Sound Usb Turntable Manual ((TOP))

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Vivid Sound offers a single, all-in-one USB turntable with full-featured audio and iPod connectivity. Thanks to its built-in DAC, Vivid Sound touts superior sound quality and a line-level RCA output for connecting to a high-end amplifier. There are no speaker outputs, however, so even if you connected it to your home theater system, youd still be limited to using it with an iPod or smartphone. For the better players, Vivid Sound is the first to include an analog volume control for adjusting the output level during playback or recording. If youre a vinyl enthusiast, its somewhat obtuse interface could hold you back but its a slick, low-price option.

This isnt a turntable for the faint of heart, but if you have a deep enough knowledge of electronics to be comfortable with a belt-driven unit, the SME-100 allows you to spin records without the bother of adjusting a lot of knobs or making a lot of adjustments, which should appeal to those who want to make music with minimal effort. Specifically, it features an automatic gearbox that powers up when the platter starts and automatically stops when it finishes, and it has a built-in digital pitch control, which sounds like a feature most of us arent familiar with.

This turntable may not be high-end, but its small size, moderate sound quality, and reasonable price mean it could be a good buy for those who want to get into vinyl, and its large assortment of accessories make it well-suited to DJs and collector alike. The ground-up design means not only does it spin records at 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, but you can spin them backward as well (though its unusual for a disc player to do this). The platters are supported on a removable counterweight, which lets you replace one if yours gets muddied. Theres also an onboard pitch control that lets you adjust the pitch of the record. 3d9ccd7d82


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