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Wolfram Mathematica A Powerful System for Modern Technical Computing

Wolfram Mathematica is a comprehensive system for technical computing that covers a wide range of domains and applications. It has been developed for over three decades and has over 6,000 built-in functions that integrate seamlessly to provide a unified and consistent environment.

Wolfram Mathematica is the latest version of Mathematica that was released in November 2015. It introduces new features and enhancements in various areas, such as:

Machine learning: new functions for classification, clustering, dimension reduction, feature extraction, anomaly detection and more.

Geometric computation: new symbolic and numerical capabilities for working with regions, meshes, curves and surfaces.

Geographic computation: new functions and data for geodesy, map projections, geo-visualization and geo-analysis.

Time-related computation: new functions and data for date and time arithmetic, time series processing, random processes and more.

External connectivity: new framework for connecting to devices, APIs and web services.

Core language enhancements: new data structures, functional programming features, program manipulation tools and more.

Wolfram Mathematica is also the first version of Mathematica that is based on the complete Wolfram Language, which is a general-purpose programming language that supports symbolic, numeric, graphical, textual and other types of computation. The Wolfram Language also powers the Wolfram Cloud, which allows users to access Mathematica online through any web browser, as well as on mobile devices.

Wolfram Mathematica is available on Windows, macOS, Linux and cloud platforms. It can be used for education, research, development, engineering, data science, visualization and more. It is widely admired for its technical prowess and elegant ease of use, as well as its ability to produce high-quality results with minimal effort.

To learn more about Wolfram Mathematica and its features, visit To download a free 15-day trial of Mathematica or to find out if you have access through your organization, visit

Wolfram Mathematica also provides a rich set of resources and tools for learning and exploring the Wolfram Language and its applications. Users can access the comprehensive documentation, interactive tutorials, video classes, online courses, books, demonstrations and more from the Wolfram website. Users can also connect with other Mathematica users and experts through the Wolfram Community, social media, blogs and events.

One of the most popular ways to learn and experiment with Wolfram Mathematica is to use the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, which is a collection of thousands of interactive demonstrations that showcase various topics and features of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language. Users can download the source code of any demonstration and modify it to suit their own needs and interests. Users can also create and submit their own demonstrations to share with the world.

Another way to explore Wolfram Mathematica is to use the Wolfram Cloud, which allows users to run Mathematica online without installing anything on their computers or devices. Users can create and edit notebooks, perform computations, generate visualizations, access data and services, and more from any web browser. Users can also use the Wolfram Cloud app on their mobile devices to access Mathematica on the go. a474f39169


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