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One Piece Episode 355


On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we have our first call-in show of 2015. Things get crazy with our panel of guests: Bryan Newton (animation director for Rick and Morty), Sam Leach (editorial writer for The One Piece Podcast's "Sam's Piece"), Dennis "Ichnob" (host of SK Cosplay Jam), and Stephen Paul (translator of One Piece in Weekly Shonen Jump). We also have hosts Zach Logan, Ed, and Steve Yurko taking your phone calls. We have calls from around North America, and as far away as Australia and Sweden! Thank you all so much for calling in, it was a lot of fun, we apologize for cutting people off but we just had a ton of people calling in and we wanted to get as many people on as possible.We're selling a t-shirt! Help support the podcast you love by reserving your order for our shirt, available for a limited time from!This week we take your calls for around 60 minutes and then answer some questions from Reddit, Twitter, and our e-mail before heading into a double Toonami Recap and a double Anime Recap. We also set things up for next week with the return of our Manga Recap and guest Josh Kocurek (One Piece brand manager at FUNimation). Here's what's going on this week:0:00:00 The OPP Call-in Show1:37:30 Toonami Recap1:58:23 Anime Recap2:20:13 To Be ContinuedWe'll see you next week with a Manga Recap of Chapter 776, a new Anime Recap, Toonami Recap, and more. Until then, we are MAJI!

As is customary with the show's action-oriented arcs, this action this week is fast-paced and to-the-point. Although the movement is a little choppy in spots, watching the Yato combatants fly through the air, throw each other through walls, and land comedic attacks is a real treat. Episode 355 also features a number of creative deaths. Kamui kicking off an opponent's head so quickly that the severed head has time to react is a great piece of gallows humor, and Utsuro's lightning-fast slaughter of multiple Yato serves as a stark reminder of how serious a threat he is.

Silver Soul continues to fire on all cylinders, deftly weaving its trademark comedy into action-packed moments of this increasingly hard-fought final battle. This week's episode even manages to work some character growth into the action, with Kamui coming as close as he realistically can to acknowledging that he cares about Kagura. The only real downside is being left with such a game-changing cliffhanger.

Alan Moore: [00:00:33] Hello and welcome to this episode of XYPN Radio. I'm your host, Alan Moore, and I'm excited to welcome XYPN member Frank Austin, founder of Sustainable Financial Planning to the show today. Frank is a little different from many other XYPN members in that he is technically retired. After a long career in financial services, mainly on the institutional side. Frank achieved his FIRE goal of retiring at 50 and starting his own financial planning firm. His goal in starting the firm wasn't to make a lot of money as he was already set up for retirement, but instead to impact the lives of as many clients as possible. We talked about some of the things he thought he would focus on early in the business, such as ESG investing and how those plans evolved over time as he found the clients he enjoyed working with and learned the challenges of running his own solo practice. He's made a recent pivot to moving into more advice packages and away from ongoing planning, and he shared why he made that move and the clients he hopes to help with that new program. It was a lot of fun to hear how Frank is building a unique firm that's much more focused on helping people and having an impact versus just being focused on making money due to his personal financial circumstances. Without further ado, here's my interview with Frank.

Frank Austin: [00:24:21] So that's a great question. So I was thinking more a couple of things around the name. So in building sort of a sustainable process over time to generate savings, to generate wealth so that you can, the people and my clients can have the life that they want to live and and build that. I was also thinking around sustainable investing as well, and that that has been one of the sort of detours that hasn't worked out the way I thought it would. I've spent I spent a lot of time in the last couple of years researching the ESG movement because at a high level, I thought it would be more aligned with my-with my values and be able to offer that to clients. And frankly, at this point, I think the jury is still out on whether that's necessarily the best way to invest for people. I think in the last year you could see that the ESG funds underperformed regular funds. You lose a lot of diversification by taking out certain sectors to invest in. And then just the-the-the large umbrella under ESG means different things to different people. And some people are more focused on the E, some on the S, some on the G. And when you jam it all together, it's hard to really make sense of those different factors. And from my way of seeing, I think what will happen is there will be more of a segmentation among those different groups where you'll just have an environmental sort of process or just social. And by putting them all together, it sort of blends into a little bit of a gobbledygook sort of situation where you have folks like Warren Buffett, who doesn't do well under governance, and you're like, why is that And-and then you have other people that that will say, I want to invest in a firm that's putting all the research dollars into-into the environment and having low carbon and Well, who's spending the most money on that Well, it's the oil companies. It's the large traditional car manufacturers. But people don't want to invest those in those either. So, you know, and then the last piece I'll sort of end with on the ESG front is you can look at different firms that are sort of rating people, rating different companies, and they have completely different ratings for certain companies. So what I've kind of landed there is if I have clients that want to be involved in that, I really recommend that they go into specific sort of environmental factors or social factors or governance and treat it almost like a sector fund and have a very small allocation dedicated to that because of the non diversification of it, and then really kind of get deep into it or try to express that investment posture by sort of a passive index that sort of screens out things you don't like one or the other, but not-not sort of actively involved in the ESG space.

Alan Moore: [00:47:39] Yeah. If folks want to learn more from Cody Garrett, we had him on the show recently, so slash/344 and you can hear Cody talked about his firm and what advice-only means to him and to the industry and that sort of thing. Just so if you'd like some additional context, but really what it sounds like, and Cody and I talked about it on-on that show, but or on that episode that he was on. But it starts to target a different client demographic. You know that when you start charging hourly or more project based, you're sort of moving away from the delegates who historically is who financial planning has served and moving more into, I would say, the validator marketplace. DIYers just tend to not pay for advice. Every now and then they will. I'm curious, did you ever pay for advice through your career

Alan Moore: [00:50:02] Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, when you pay, even if it's $50 or $100, like you put money out there, you're, you know, as I as I like to remind people, like, no one wakes up one morning excited to go talk to a stranger about money. This is a hard conversation. Getting into our office is a big deal. And so any excuse to not show up, we will gladly take as consumers. And so, yeah, having to write $50 or $100 out there to-to-to get some skin in the game to be sure they're committed. That I saw that too in my career. And the second piece I want to talk about are just want to bring forward that you mentioned was that even for advisors who were thinking about working on an ongoing basis with clients and in charging retainer fees, subscription fees, generally people who do decide to hire a financial planner also do not wake up thinking, You know, what I need today is a comprehensive financial plan. That's what I need. They are in pain. Something is happening. And you mentioned, you know, there's one or two things that you're really stressed about. And I found the same thing. Every client came in with one or two pain points that they needed me to solve immediately and charging for a couple of hours of work solving those problems or helping them talk through it. And that was a great lead in to ongoing services. So whether you leverage it that way or not is totally up to you. But for-for folks who are listening, it really can be a great in a way, you're getting paid to market because the greatest marketing we have as advisors is just showing the value we provide. And so there's a lot of opportunity there to be able to to incorporate that. Have you rolled out some of these Oh, go ahead.

Alan Moore: [00:52:54] So this hour has flown by, so as we're coming up here on the close of the show, I'll ask you the last question, which is, as you-as you well know from being a listener, you know, if there's one piece of advice that you wish you could go back and give your younger self, what do you think that piece of advice would be

Narrator: [00:55:27] Thanks for listening to XYPN Radio. If you enjoyed the show, please be sure to leave a review that will help grow the movement of fee-for-service advisors, serving next gen clients and building the firms of their dreams. That's all for today's episode, until next time.

Blissfully unspoilered One Piece noob takes the plunge and wades through the eight-hundred plus episodes of One Piece for the first time.POSTS: Monday, Thursday, Saturday. TWITTER: @thdray1 Will answer questions there too.DISCUSSION: If you want to join in the One Piece chat, I've set replies to week-long followers only (as spoiler protection). Reblogs work, though, so I'll answer from those too. 59ce067264


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