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Get Your Free PDF Copy of The Science of Black Hair: The Best Book for Healthy and Beautiful Textured Hair

The Science of Black Hair Pdf Download Free

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to textured hair care that is based on scientific research and practical experience, then you might want to check out The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to maintain, grow, and style their natural or chemically-treated hair in optimal health and beauty. In this article, we will tell you what this book is about, why it is important for textured hair care, what are some of the topics covered in it, how you can get it for free in pdf format, and how to use it effectively. By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to download The Science of Black Hair pdf for free and start your journey to healthier and happier hair.

The Science Of Black Hair Pdf Download Free

Are you ready? Let's get started!

What is The Science of Black Hair?

The Science of Black Hair is a book written by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, a health scientist and a certified trichologist who has over 15 years of experience in researching and writing about textured hair care. The book was published in 2011 by SAJA Publishing Company and has received rave reviews from readers and experts alike.

The book is divided into 15 chapters that cover everything you need to know about textured hair care, from the basics of hair structure and function to the advanced topics of hair coloring and relaxing. The book also features a regimen builder with extensive product listings, an ingredients glossary, interviews with hair professionals and influencers, real photos of hair at the microscopic level, and more.

The book is written in a clear, concise, and engaging style that makes it easy to understand and apply. The book also combines scientific facts with personal testimonies from real people who have tried and tested the methods and principles presented in the book.

Why is The Science of Black Hair important for textured hair care?

The Science of Black Hair is important for textured hair care because it provides a comprehensive and reliable source of information that can help you achieve your hair goals. Whether you have natural or chemically-treated hair, whether you have curly or kinky hair, whether you have short or long hair, whether you are a beginner or an expert in hair care, this book has something for you.

Some of the benefits of reading The Science of Black Hair are:

  • You will learn how to maintain your hair in optimal health by understanding its structure, function, and characteristics.

  • You will learn how to stop hair breakage with a novel, protein/moisture balancing method that works for all hair types.

  • You will learn how to regulate product pH balance for shinier, more manageable hair that responds better to styling and treatments.

  • You will learn how to grow your hair longer, stronger, and healthier for life by following a healthy hair care regimen that suits your needs and preferences.

  • You will learn how to enhance your hair's beauty and versatility by exploring different options of hair coloring, relaxing, transitioning, and more.

  • You will learn how to avoid common hair problems and myths that can damage your hair and hinder your progress.

  • You will learn how to take care of your overall health and wellness, which can affect your hair's health and growth.

By reading The Science of Black Hair, you will gain the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration you need to take charge of your hair and enjoy it to the fullest.

What are some of the topics covered in The Science of Black Hair?

The Science of Black Hair covers a wide range of topics that are relevant and useful for textured hair care. Here are some of the topics you will find in the book:

Hair Structure, Function, and Characteristics

This chapter explains the anatomy and physiology of the scalp and hair, as well as the different types and properties of textured hair. You will learn about the hair growth cycle, the hair follicle structure, the hair shaft structure, the hair cuticle structure, the hair cortex structure, the hair medulla structure, the hair pigment structure, the hair shape structure, the hair texture structure, the hair density structure, the hair porosity structure, the hair elasticity structure, and more.

Textured Hair Properties and Principles

This chapter explores the unique features and challenges of textured hair that require special attention and care. You will learn about the factors that affect textured hair's strength, moisture retention, curl pattern, shrinkage, frizz, tangling, matting, knotting, split ends, single strand knots, fairy knots, mechanical damage, chemical damage, environmental damage, thermal damage, traction alopecia, central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA), seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff), psoriasis, eczema, lice infestation, fungal infection (ringworm), bacterial infection (folliculitis), and more.

Understanding Hair Growth and Damage for Healthier Hair Care

This chapter discusses the factors that influence hair growth and damage, as well as the strategies to optimize them for healthier hair care. You will learn about the genetics of hair growth, the hormones of hair growth, the nutrition of hair growth, the stress of hair growth, the medications of hair growth, the diseases of hair growth 71b2f0854b


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