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corporate servetech
corporate servetech

Founded in the year 1994, CREST System is developed by software experts who have experience of more than 2 Cloud ERP decades. CREST ERP software is designed in such a way that it meets all the requirements of midsize to large firms. CREST ERP is a powerful and flexible solution that is used by more than 15000 companies.

Started by two Indian American brothers, ORGTraq was the first company that brings AI technology support to this industry. ORGTraq company was started in the year 2016 to help lawyers. After that, this firm started generating content for various purposes. Now it is a SaaS-based integrated business tool that helps firms to collaborate and communicate with their other department. ORGTraq helps business organizations in many ways such as it manages their day-to-day inventories, order, and sales and also streamlining their small business.

Overview: Free business software that can help your business to fly.

Payment Option: Payments are usually done in a monthly cycle, but you can also make annual payments of it.


Konnect is a consulting company which is providing enterprise resource planning software solutions. It is a SaaS-based company whose aim is to provide its customer with the ability to manage their daily business. Started in the year 2015 by a team of IT experts, their vision was to provide low-cost ERP software to medium and small enterprises.


Designed for the automation of the business process, Strategic ERP software offers a wide range of services that automate the entire process of a business. From initial information gathering to project management and implementation, this software has all that a business required. Over the year, this software had helps companies to automate their manual business process making them more efficient and reducing human error in daily calculations. It proved better customer satisfaction and satisfaction to employees by sharing real-time data analysis and helping them in decision making.

Overview: Offers you a trusted platform to expand your business and manage your work.

7. SAP

A German software company started in the year 1972, SAP’s main aim was to develop standard ERP business software. This company was founded by 5 former employees of IBM, and three of them have experience of more than 20 years. Currently, they are serving in more than 160 countries with a net worth of $84 billion as of the year 2018. Initially, they started services for business firms later they started selling their software to other companies in 1979.

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