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Tvgenial 5.0 Premim

Tvgenial 5.0 Premim >>>>>

Tvgenial 5.0 Premim

A wide range of channels from all over the world supports TVgenial. It provides a variety of useful tools to help you effectively manage and organize your media collection. It also allows you to transfer your digital files to the Dreambox, Kathrein receiver and MS Outlook or Internet.

In the broadest sense, TVGenial Premium 2022 is a digital TV program guide. Even though the program can be used with an Internet connection, TVGenial offers many advantages to the simple-minded program only by means of the Digital TV set-top box. It is especially suitable for those who need to view many different TV stations at the same time.If you have a cable set-up, the program will automatically detect which channels are switched on and it can be selected with the use of the remote control.

To use the program correctly, the PC or laptop must be connected to the Digital TV set-top box.The program is therefore not suitable for portable devices. TVGenial Premium is a serial number must accept the package, otherwise the program is for your compatibility data will be available for free.

TVGenial is an excellent program that provides extra functions for easy and quick searching and finding your favorite stations.You can easily find a channel by name, keyword, rating or genre, and find out what other stations from the same broadcaster are being shown.Both the program displays a list of the stations that match your search criteria, and can also be displayed on the screen as simple list, channel map or graphically.

The program allows you to call, add, delete, and monitor a recording of TVGenial. You can send all recordings stored to a Dreambox, TV receiver, or MS Outlook. You can also select which recording to send, and save them with the default names. 3d9ccd7d82


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