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Surveybypassertoolkeygenfree [CRACKED]

survey by password is an easy way to create thousands of fake survey accounts in a matter of minutes. this tool is made by tobi , who is actually the one of the "real" creator. if you plan to use it to pass your penetration tests, then you should be aware that this tool can be misused. for a more detailed "about" section you can consult service , example and spencer (a fictitious person).


survey by password can be used by different persons. it can be used to protect your own system by creating multiple fake accounts for your personal tasks. this allows you to gain access to certain systems without being recognized by the administrators, or on the other hand you can create many bogus accounts to create false positives. the main use is probably to create thousands of accounts for a penetration test. the first problem this tool has, is that it is a free account ( github account of tobi) and the account expires after a certain amount of time. however as tobi is a constant developer and uses the account to gain knowledge and as a source of understanding the tool, the expirement is scheduled exactly for each exploit that is needed, according to their timing and their needs. in other words the tool is only good for a limited time! for instance, tobi offered me access to the tool for only half an hour, so that i could collect the data i wanted. but i did not have the ability to access the tool again.

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