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Just Cause 2 Complete __EXCLUSIVE__

Avalanche Studios' breakthrough hit offers a unique mix of vertical gameplay, explosive action and total player freedom. The island landscape of Panau is crafted with the Avalanche Engine, ensuring breathtaking views of snow covered mountain ridges, lush rain forest, scorching deserts and urban sprawl, spanning five separate climate zones. Players are given complete freedom to explore and wreak havoc using a versatile grapple hook, parachute and more than 100 vehicles includingtactical jeeps, attack helicopters and jet fighters.

Just Cause 2 Complete


In Just Cause 2, you are not confined within artificial walls or forced to do things the way anyone else intended. Almost instantly, you are given complete freedom to venture off the beaten path and go wild. Judging by the player data we've collected over the years, a lot players do just that.

Yesterday we asked whether you had any questions for Just Cause 2 game director Magnus Nedfors. It turns out you did, so we asked them, and with the game out today it seems logical to present you the answers. Nedfors talks about fans nearly making him cry, downloadable content, patches and just about everything else you lot could think up to quiz him about. Don't forget Eurogamer's Just Cause 2 review while you're at it.

We tried to adjust the amount of ammo in different ways like using difficulty levels. I think of them as play styles. If you play on hardcore, then the more important each bullet becomes. If you're a run-and-gun guy and prefer not to use the various other options then you should pick an easier mode. You can also buy more ammunition from the Black Market.

Ha ha. I'm really, really sorry when I hear you say there's so many questions about DLC, because I have a small restriction on me that I can't reveal anything about what's planned. I'm really sorry to say this because I've understood from other interviews that people are really interested and want more, but unfortunately you have to turn to Square Enix and ask them.

The story of Just Cause 2 is a little better than a save-the-princess story, but at its core, that is all it is. The main campaign story exists just to give the player a reason to move forward with that campaign. There is more story than just that though, but in a more scattered form.

These three factions give you missions to complete, including some as simple as freeing a captured comrade from the military (okay, maybe that mission is not 'simple') and taking over strongholds to expand their influence and open up new missions for you. You do have to complete some of these to advance the main campaign, to create chaos and force a government reaction, but you do not need to complete all of them to finish the main campaign. Minor spoiler though, you will need to select one to aid you in the final campaign mission. Storming the secret government vault where the dictator is hiding is not a one man job.

The story is entertaining over all, and definitely has its moments, especially when it plays the government propaganda, spinning your latest actions, but is not something spectacular. Pay attention to it as you play, but if you miss something, do not worry about it. Just move on and cause more chaos, just as the story calls for.

The Just Cause 2 Multiplayer team is readying a beta this Saturday to iron out some lingering bugs, which you can get keys for here. Once the beta is completed, the finished JC2-MP will be available to download within Steam, including full Friend support and hopefully the promised custom servers.

Someone's put out a video from Just Cause 2, showing a mechanical shark from the game's location. Actually, it just shows the top half of a shark's fin which Rico can hook onto via his grapple. Still cool, though.

"How to Be a Video Games Journalist," Lesson 37: Using Game Titles for Puns and Cutting Swiftian Jibes. A game name like Just Cause is absolute gold for the reviewer, since it can mean both "(a) just cause", a righteous agenda, or the phrase "just (be)cause", a dismissive explanation of whimsical or reckless behavior. The opportunity for puns is obvious. Why would you steal a passenger jet and fly it directly up the bumhole of a sun-bathing prostitute? Just cause! Praise and large quantities of gamer pussy will swiftly follow. However, this pun is so obvious that every game journalist and their cat and their cat's squeaky toy will have used it, so you may have to post-modernly draw attention to that fact at the start of your review so everyone assumes you're using the joke ironically. Remember, the ironic gamer pussy is just as soft and lovely as the regular kind. Next week on "How to Be a Video Games Journalist," digging out your higher brain functions with the end of a ballpoint pen.

Just Cause 2 is a sandbox game in which CIA operative and immortal, physics-defying wizard Rico Rodriguez is inserted into some kind of Southeast Asian dictatorship to destabilize it with his giant, exploding testicles. Why? Just Cause! Truth be told, I never quite figured out why. Not that a reason is needed. Asking players to go into a sandbox game and cause chaos and destruction is like asking a cat to lie on somebody's face while they're trying to sleep.

It's a good thing I'm sick of realistic shooters, because Just Cause 2's relationship with realism is limited to a fleeting farewell peck on the cheek before leaping aboard Leprechaun Flight 101 to the dark side of Mars. Warlock master of time and space Rico Rodriguez has a magic, momentum-cancelling hook shot that can propel him into any surface within range. And he also possesses the ability to pull unlimited numbers of parachutes literally out of his arse. And he doesn't even need them to break his fall, because he can hook shot into the ground when you're close enough and escape unharmed. That's right, the best way to survive smacking into concrete at terminal velocity is to smack into it slightly faster. Maybe it's a homeopathic thing.

Just Cause 2 is a game for fucking around. You unlock story missions by doing the side missions, and you unlock side missions by blowing shit up, so the fucking around is what holds everything together, like the chocolate around a Twix. It's just that the rest of the Twix has been chewed up a bit and gobbed back onto the plate, 'cause the actual missions are rather slapdash. The worst part of the game is the stronghold missions, which are required to unlock more territory, because they're all as routine as brushing your teeth: break into a base, 2, 3, give everyone a bullet pasty, 3, 4, shoot down a helicopter and bam! Let the Kentucky Fried Revolution open for business. Applaudable in a way; making wanton destruction boring takes some real effort.

The second item, written in silver dust by the pope's cat, woud be having vehicle upgrades apply to all vehicles of that type and not just ones you buy from chopper shopper mail-order. Collecting vehicle upgrades is one of the main exploration quests, but buying vehicles eats up money very fast, and there are tons available for free (that is, driven by squishy mortals). Yeah, you can buy an expensive jet, but do you really think you're going to use it more than once? Landing it would require finesse that's a bit beyond Rico, because it doesn't involve anything getting murdered.

At the end of the day, Just Cause 2 is fun. It's not very challenging; between magic space hook shoot and parachute farting, it's almost like playing with all the cheats on, especially since most enemies have the preservation instincts of a chip sandwich. As I said, the game map is willy-shrivelingly huge, but it's kind of too big. You could get through about five conventional games in the travel time alone, and it doesn't take long to find that a lot of these locations have the air of the clone brush about them. If you intend to go for 100% completion, then firstly, it's going to quickly feel like a grind, and secondly, don't handle any sharp objects, because you're clearly mad as a ferret sausage. The story and dialogue are absolute tripe on a bike, but apparently I'm the only one who cares.

This is the first ever Just Cause 2 Complete-First-Person mod. Now you can enjoy the entire game from the point of view of Rico, experiencing the intense thrills, action and adventure like never before! Explore the beautiful island, and cause chaos with your own two hands with this game-transforming mod. Panau never seemed so real.....

Well over 100 hours have gone into tweaking every little detail to make this mod as perfect and professional as the game engine will allow. An entirely new vehicles first person mod has been invented, putting the others to shame and going where no other has gone before - to ALL boats and ALL planes! All other aspects of the game are first person: parachuting, swimming, diving, reeling, hanging, running, shooting, goes on and on! Well over 80 cameras adjusted with love, new cameras created from scratch to bring you the definitive, and only Just Cause 2 First Person Mod: JC2FPS by Kaii.

Unfortunately this mod does not (and can NEVER) allow you to switch between 1st and 3rd person cameras in game (except for vehicles). It is just used to change the game. To uninstall, simply remove the files you added when you installed. You can reinstall whenever you want, depending on your mood. 041b061a72


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