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Martian Gothic Unification


Martian Gothic Unification

The game was made with a very small team on a very tight schedule, and the final version reflects this.Martian Gothic provides examples of: 20 Minutes into the Future: Set, somewhat optimistically, in June 2019. Advancing Wall of Doom: The TriMorphs act as this, especially before you get your hands on the flare gun. Make the wrong move, take too long, or make any mistake really and you're toast instantly. Apocalyptic Log: Naturally. Arc Words: "Stay alone. Stay alive." Black Dude Dies First: It's heavily implied that Martin fails to make it back to the shuttle at the end of the game regardless of how quickly you reach the objective. Body Horror: The TriMorphs were once three separate people. Each one was previously unfortunate enough to act as a host to three separate strains of bacteria released from within the Necropolis, specifically the tomb of the Kurakarak matriarch. When one host comes into close proximity to another their strains of bacteria attract, forming a freakish monster in the process. You can clearly make out the heads and some of the limbs of the hosts within the biomass, some of it dangling as the creature lumbers towards you. Bottomless Pits: The Necropolis is littered with these, often requiring careful movement to avoid them. And unlike most survival horror games, you can actually fall into them. Camera Screw: There are plenty of these, often obscuring entire sections of playable areas. The Necropolis is lousy with these instances. There is a specific example of this effect in the game where it often leads to your character's death: When you're in the room with the TriMorph guarding the spectrometer, there is a door in the middle of the room that you have to get through in order to reach safety. When you attempt to go there, the TriMorph will lunge toward you. The camera angles change quite radically two times during the process of getting past the door, which will likely cause you to get killed by said TriMorph. Dissonant Serenity: Kenzo acts extremely calm about most things going on around him. One of the first things he encounters in the game is a floating corpse that speaks directly into his mind, and his reaction amounts to "huh, interesting". Even his teammates think his calmness is weird. When the man says he's zen, he ain't kidding. Dull Surprise: It seems as though Kenzo being "zen" was put in to Hand Wave how his voice actor just sounds like a guy reading dialogue most of the time, with little in the way of inflection or emotion. However per the game's script writer the voice actor "played Kenzo exactly as I directed him: a zoned-out, emotionally flat loner bordering on sociopathic." Eldritch Location: The Necropolis in spades. From the sheer darkness of it all (only made visible with night vision goggles you are required to pick up) to the bizarre architecture, and finally to the fact that it serves as one big tomb for the Kurakarak, including its matriarch who has influence over current events in the game. Flare Gun: After you have gone through hell multiple times, dodging certain death at the hands of several of the game's TriMorphs, you will get one of these. It's the only weapon in the game that can deal with these monstrosities. Game-Breaking Bug: The PC version has a particularly frustrating one. When Matlock is supposed to race against a TriMorph in the vent, a shutter inside of the vent is supposed to close right after Matlock passes through, which ensures her survival. If you don't get the game's (one and only) official patch, then the TriMorph is able to pass through the same shutter as if it weren't even there. You die every single time. Hell Is That Noise: TriMorphs utter menacing howling noises (for the PlayStation version) or ominous growling not unlike that of a large animal (for the PC version), which can be heard when you're outside of the rooms they inhabit. This can catch you off guard when you bring Matlock toward the Medbay room in the begi


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