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Duplo 460 Drivers

I have stripped a set of PUP lights so I can use the PUP ports with a breakout cable (also a PUP>PF adapter) for my testing and experimenting. I have posted a circuit diagram of the PUP lights in 2018 Train Tech if anyone is interested. Not very different from the PF lights, except the resistor values are lower (510R instead of 4K7). This did make me think that the LEDs are driven at 3.3v by the H-Bridge drivers rather than the full motor voltage (and that output voltage is somehow dependent on ID codes), but my PWM signals on M1/M2 (C1/C2 in PF notation) appear to scope out at full battery voltage. PF lights are somewhat brighter on full tilt than the new PUP ones.

Duplo 460 Drivers


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