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[S1E8] Belief

[S1E8] Belief -

Ralph shares an element of disbelief in the book as well. But where I think The Outsider has missed a big opportunity is its treatment of the relationship between Holly and Ralph. Holly is the most interesting character on this show, and I feel like the show could be better if the relationship between her and Ralph were stronger. Not only does Ralph not believe Holly, but he has simply been unpleasant to her.

When Rose asks about her brother, The King of Dreams explains his belief that Jed might be with the nightmare Gault. Lord Morpheus is hopeful the two of them can find Jed since Rose is a dream vortex.

As Cassian continues to settle in at the prison, Luthen ventures out to visit Saw Gerrera on Segra Milo. Luthen also offers Saw free weapons and equipment if he meets with another Rebel faction. Regardless, Saw refuses to work with any other Rebels out of the belief that only his ideology is pure.

The Professional Weaver Society was founded based on the belief that we are stronger together. Our mission is to connect professional working weavers around the world with their peers and resources to help them succeed.

We invite the guest-listeners to somehow listen with the belief that each story told can have many possible meanings. The meaning that the guest-listeners (and ourselves) will make will always be connected to their own experience and will be a bit different from the meaning than the speaker has intended. It is in the appreciation of the small ambiguities in the conversation that new understandings and more questions will start to emerge.

On the Gemenon Traveler, Starbuck interrogates Leoben who recognizes Starbuck by callsign even though Starbuck refuses to tell him her name. Leoben claims he has hidden a nuclear weapon on one of the ships in the fleet that will go off at 18:30 hours. Starbuck is forced to continue interrogating Leoben while the fleet searches for the bomb without success. As Starbuck employs multiple methods of torture, particularly waterboarding, Leoben claims to be able to see the future and speaks of his religious beliefs with Starbuck who believes that he is simply afraid that he is too far away from the Cylon homeworld to download when he dies and is lying as a result. Leoben shows a knowledge of Starbuck's past and an understanding of her character before revealing that the fleet will find Kobol and from there, Earth.

After Leoben's death, Starbuck prays to the Lords of Kobol to take care of Leoben's soul despite her previous belief that he had none as she knows Leoben feared his soul would not reach God. Roslin meets with Adama over the events and has become secretly suspicious towards Adama due to Leoben's words to her. 59ce067264


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