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all of the background effects were on but the intro thing wasn't showing up. I couldn't see the backgrounds either. so, i tried reinstalling the game. when i tried to reinstall morrowind overhaul once again, the game was back to where i started instead of overlooking the intro and loading up properly. i tried the entire game again and i was able to see the intro but i didn't get the option to choose a race. i also had the same issue with the stoned and the stoneborn experience. i am hoping you can help me get this game running and playable again. i'm a firm believer in returning things especially when you got a good one. thanks.

I got the game to work after having problems with the discs crashing. I downloaded the misc_chunk.biu and misc_chunk.swd files from, and installed them into the game directory. Please make sure you include the entire file and not just parts of it using the text editor exporer. I finally got Morrowind to shut up and start again for me. Thanks for the responce.

I am having a problem with the Morrowind GOTY after having problems installing a lot of mods with the companion discs that came with the game. They are both 1.6.1820 discs and aren't working. I tried using game clean and recalibration without luck. I am using the latest PC version 1.6.1807. I can load 2.1.1122 (latest unofficial file right now) and it runs fine but for some reason the 1.6.1820 discs won't load anything. I've been at this for over a day just trying to get it to load legitimately. I went to other installation discs i had and it says it's not compatible although i have used the same discs to run the game which worked fine. This pet peeve of mine is that the game is riddled with so many technical challenges and compatibility issues. I know because i was going on for a while last year. I used to have a fanboyism of Obsidian but now i am honestly liking Bethesda more. d2c66b5586


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