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Where Can I Buy A Zoeller Sump Pump

Sump pumps wait on standby until water levels begin to increase. Their valve will activate once the water levels reach a certain height, signaling its motor to start pumping water. You can find three types of sump pumps with the help of Zoeller at Home:

where can i buy a zoeller sump pump


This compact, robust pump fits into smaller sump basins. The factory-set float switch is set to maximize pump range while ensuring no float hang-ups. The sturdy pump base keeps larger debris from clogging the pump and prevents the pump from moving around the pit.

Regardless of which option is chosen, both are the eco-friendly and economical way to maintain a Zoeller sump pump. They eliminate discarding a perfectly good cast iron housed motor and sump pump body capable of pumping for many years to come. And they eliminates waiting for a plumber and paying high installation charges.

Seeing an actual installation makes a difference. Here's a very helpful video showing the above steps for installing a Zoeller sump pump switch cap. Seeing the above steps by video provides additional confidence if this is your first time replacing a switch.

A Zoeller sump pump float switch usually lasts from 5 to 7 years depending upon its usage. The first thing to fail on a Zoeller sump pump, or any sump pump, is the switch. Each time the switch is engaged friction is caused and this results in mechanical switch wear.

The good news is a Zoeller sump pump switch can be replaced and that it does not take a professional to replace it. Better still, you can easily purchase a replacement switch and a replacement gasket online. Here's the link for switch replacement parts.

Universal switches exist and work with many sump pump brands; however a Zoeller switch is required for all Zoeller sump pumps that come with an integrated float switch. This includes all of the models listed above: M53, M55, M57, M59, M98, M137, M139, M264, M266 and M267. If a manual model of the M50 series, the M90 series, the M130 series or the M260 series is installed, a universal float switch will work.

Since Zoeller sump pump housing and motors are built to last a long time, it is smart to have a replacement switch on hand. The replacement switch cap assembly is the fastest to replace if a failure occurs during a heavy rain storm.

Installing a battery backup sump pump or water powered sump pump is a great way to avoid basement flooding if you are not home to install a replacement switch, the rain storm is too heavy and will cause damage to your basement before a switch can be replaced or the electricity fails and the primary pump cannot run. Learn more about Zoeller battery backup sump pumps and water powered sump pumps.

Zoeller sump pumps are a great sump pump. Plumbers recommend them. They are well built, proudly made in the USA and thoroughly tested before leaving the plant. Zoeller makes it easy for home owners to get years of service from the sump pump products because they make mechanical parts that fit and work.

My question concerns the two white-plastic threaded plugs in the side of the on upper compartment (where the switch is), and another is down on the lower part containing thepump motor windings.

Sump pumps keep your home from flooding by pumping ground water out of your basement or crawl space. In this review, we take a look at the best sump pumps on the market, discuss various features, and answer common sump pump questions.

Most sump pumps use either a digital or manual switch to start their motors. Manual models contain floats that rise with the flood water, turning on the pumps when the water reaches a certain level. When the floats dip below the set level, the pump stops.

A sump pump is typically placed in a basement to prevent damage brought on by significant flooding. It detects rising water levels and then pumps that water out of your basement and directs it away from your home.

You can eliminate these odors by creating a solution with a ratio of 1 cup of bleach to every 1 gallon of water. Pour this solution into the basin until the pump is activated. To prevent an odor from developing in the future, wash your sump pump regularly and keep the basin full of enough fresh water to cover the drain lines.

I'm giving 4 stars due to the fact it's a sump pump and I tested it and it works so I installed it because I got rid of my other pump it was a tether pump and when the float came up sometimes it worked and I felt it was time to change before it was too late, and it was also a 1/4 hp and I decided to go a little bigger from suggestions and I also did a lot of research and it was a decision to make and the tether float arm get's stuck in the pit if it's not in the proper position so I went to a vertical pump which has a guard and is protected.The only thing is I had to change the height on the pump in the pit or it would run as soon as a little water got in the pump due to the tether arm reach on the other pump so I just built it up a little and changed the pipe a little,other than that I think it was the right choice once again a Zoeller got good reviews and I hope it does it's job....

I have two of these in my home. One is in the sump for the weep tile, which pumps out ground water that seeps under the foundation, the other is in the utility sump, that pumps out water from the basement drains, washing machine, and furnace into the overhead sewer. The weep tile pump gets quite a workout, as the basement is slightly below the water level of the soil for most of the year. It gets used constantly.I've used these Zoeller M53 pumps since the house was built 30 years ago. On the weep tile pump, which is used between twice per minute and once per hour year round, we consistently get about 7 years out of the float switch, which gets replaced and we get another 7 years from the new switch. I replace the entire pump after the end of the second switch, but I could probably replace the switch again and get another 7 years. On the pump for the overhead sewer, the original pump lasted 29 years!I'd say that these pumps are outstanding. They are American made and more expensive than imported pumps, but they are well worth the extra cost for the incredible long life and reliability, not to mention giving Americans a job.Because the weep tile pump is so important, (we'd have a flooded basement in minutes if the power were to go out during a storm), we have a battery-backed up pump in the pit. This has saved us numerous times when the power went out or the sump pump float switch was at end-of-life. The best backup pump for this is the "Basement Watchdog", which has a pumping capacity almost as high as the Zoeller pump. Make sure to consider this when selecting a backup pump, as many of the competing brands can be overwhelmed during high usage (like a storm). Make sure to compare pumping capacity at 9 foot lift (head), because that's how it's used, and not the inflated numbers at zero lift.With the combination, I've had a dry basement for 27 years, and that's with the challenging situation of having a basement below water level in the midwest!

I had the Zoeller m53 sump pump installed in Aug 2005 and had never cleaned or checked it until July 2016, I may replace it next year with another Zoeller m53. It is a connecting outside drain to sump pump located inside the wash room.

I have one in my sump pit right now and expect it to do the job for quite a while. We always use these pumps while draining pools and they never had trouble getting the last of the goo out of the bottom, even pushing twelve feet up to get it out.

The pumps on these units have a lot of power and work very good. The float switches are the constant source of failures on these pumps in my 15 years, of working with this brand. I own 3 of them. The switches either get corroded, burned-out, or they get sticky and fail to work. The rubber surrounds also dry out, crack and leak water into the electrical compartment. The floats can also get coated with crud, which weights them down, so then your basement floods. I have complained about these float switch failures to Zoeller and they took a blind attitude towards the issue. They said to tie the float up and use an external float switch instead. They might just have told me to go out and buy a competitor's product instead. I said why don't you get away from the out-dated design and use a magnetic hall effect sensor, or other electronic means to sense the water level? They will keep selling this out-dated design until they go out of business. This company lacks any innovation. These units last about 5 years under moderate sump pump use.

Water drains into and collects in this pit, and then is pumped back out. This makes sump pumps an inconspicuous and convenient way to remove unwanted water from your home. There are several models of sump pumps available, allowing you to choose which will best meet your needs, but all operate under the same essential principles and mechanics.

If your basement, crawl space or any other ground-level building is prone to flooding or water buildup, you need a sump pump. Left unattended, water can cause serious damage to your possessions and to the infrastructure of your home.

Sump pump installations can be unexpectedly costly, especially if you are installing a pump for the first time in a space previously unprepared for installation. While prices for an average sump pump unit are fairly affordable, the number quickly grows when you start factoring in the cost of professional installation or, if going the DIY-route, any materials that need to be purchased.

Submersible Sump Pumps: Submersible pumps combine the motor and pump into a single unit and are what most people think of when they think of a classic sump pump. Like its name describes, a submersible sump pump is submerged within the basin, saving space and reducing noise. They are well-equipped to handle large volumes of water and should be fully water- and rust-proof. Due to the submersion element, these units have a shorter lifespan than pedestal pumps and are more difficult to reach in the event of maintenance or malfunctioning issues. Unit and installation prices quoted in this article are for submersible sump pumps. 041b061a72


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